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  • PowerGamerX
    May 4, 09:01 AM
    I'd much prefer it on DVD but a Flash Drive would be pretty neat. I'm hoping we'll get a new version of iWork to go with Lion so I can justify buying the Mac Pack.

    Unlike a lot of people here, I use my DVD drive quite a bit. I burn mix CD's for my car and I prefer to buy retail software instead of downloads when possible.

    If they were to remove it though across some of their lines, I'd hope Apple would use the extra space in the 13" for an AMD graphics card rather than an extra hard drive.

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  • shigzeo
    Nov 12, 11:01 AM
    I'm not sure why you guys think the ads are more amusing simply because they're in a foreign language :confused: Not everyone in the world speaks english.

    i do agree with this one, but more than that, your avatar is bloody ups!

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  • hayesk
    Mar 25, 08:33 AM
    The difference here is Samsung settled. With $1billion at stake, Apple will likely fight this to the end. And with countersuits on the line, this will get ugly.

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  • Tehy
    Nov 5, 02:34 AM
    This sounds great! I hope that some game developers would now start to make some only for mac games!


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  • 2992
    Aug 19, 11:47 AM
    cannot log into the new version. Restored the previous one which works. Really weird...:o

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Aug 14, 03:11 PM
    Nonsense. Apple is selling a lot of computers right now because Jobs Osbourned the entire PowerPC range just over a year ago by announcing the switch to Intel. For each model of Mac, sales were artificially low before the Intel version was launched, and artificially higher after.

    Additionally, people are happer buying Macs if they know they can switch back to Windows if it doesn't work out. One of the major barriers to owning a Mac has been removed by the Intel switch (whatever my misgivings on the subject.)

    It's simply ridiculous to argue that the ads have helped sales. Sales would be much higher now than they would have been six months ago even if Apple had stopped advertising completely. The question is whether they would be even higher if they weren't insulting their target audience. The answer, of course, is yes.

    They sold how many macs last quarter? Over a million, right? How many boot camp downloads have they had....?

    Of course the ads have helped sales - the question is, how much. Are you seriously implying that no advertising WHATSOEVER would increase sales...? :rolleyes:


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  • MontyZ
    Jun 1, 10:15 PM
    I first thought this whole Folding thing had to do with laundry.

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  • JCanfield
    May 2, 03:30 PM
    They could also be having problems with fit because a white iPhone is taller or wider than the black one. Has anyone measured the other dimensions?


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  • Natesac
    Mar 11, 12:09 PM
    Willow Bend is at around 50 people.

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  • question fear
    Oct 18, 05:34 AM
    But all those chicklet sized buttons just look like a crazed Bedazzler-wielding mom attacted an innocent cell phone. :eek:

    This was the funniest thing I've read all week.

    I've been in insurance training, and in addition to financial people, there's been some, uh, "Desparate Housewives" getting their insurance licenses, and I'm picturing them passing around a poor phone and a bedazzler during class now. :eek:


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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 10, 02:26 PM
    Note it may be worth deleting and

    As is marked for deletion it isn't getting a new category.

    cute emo quotes about love. Cute Emo Love Quotes And Sayings. cute emo love sayings; cute emo love sayings. ri0ku. Nov 26, 03:32 AM. Just came across this thread.
  • Cute Emo Love Quotes And Sayings. cute emo love sayings; cute emo love sayings. ri0ku. Nov 26, 03:32 AM. Just came across this thread.

  • Coleco
    Mar 26, 05:26 PM
    Seriously, is this entry/discussion the ultimate in geek porn, or what?
    Would any two CEOs of Fortune 500 companies having coffee attract a crowd and thousands (millions?) of hits online.

    Oops, forgot to turn on Private Browsing....


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  • AhmedFaisal
    Apr 8, 05:45 PM
    Interestingly, Paul Ryan's proposal decidedly does NOT include any legislation forcing private payers to insure elderly people at reasonable rates. Talk about death panels.......... what most of these morons in the Tea Party don't realize is that the net effect of the Ryan plan is that the vast majority of elderly people will simply NOT have insurance because either they can't afford it or no private payer will take them, which translates into no access to healthcare especially if they have their way with medicaid. Congratulations USA, you are about the reduce your average life expectancy to that of Russia, but hey, it will fix social security because there will be no one left alive to receive retirement benefits.............

    The argument is using Tax Dollars to pay for the abortions as it is forbidden by Federal Law for Planned Parenthood to use the funding in that way...of course they have found ways around it, which is the cause for concern..Me personally, I am on the fence on the entire issue as I am not a woman. That stated, I don't believe abortions should be used as a birth control device either....

    If the laughably few moronic women who indeed believe this to be a form of birth control do not procreate because of it, I am happy for the genepool. No harm done I say. You people do realize that every abortion has a significant risk of causing infertility and other complications, right? And these risk compound with every procedure....... I'd like to actually meet a woman that thinks this is a good way of contraception... just saying...........

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  • Axl Rose
    Mar 27, 01:24 PM
    when was that?


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  • TXCraig
    Jun 11, 09:55 AM
    T-Mobile is not exactly a financial beast either... Can they afford to give $400 subsidies on iPhones?

    Most of T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telekom... they have very deep pockets...

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 27, 12:40 PM
    yeah, bring it on.
    10.4.7 is a total crap.
    It caused kernel panic in my computer and made it behave totally erratic. I had to uninstall back to 10.4.6
    I hope the new upgrade will solve many issues that were created by 10.4.7:mad:On your Quad G5? It runs like butta on mine. Did you make sure to use the Combo updater and not the Software Update incremental 10.4.7 updater? I always use the Combo.


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  • cube
    Apr 23, 09:57 AM
    The 320M is CUDA-capable. Intel is still evaluating OpenCL.

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  • Sodner
    May 5, 01:47 PM
    I agree that both OS's are good and in many cases a less expensive baseline Windows PC can adequately meet the needs of most users.

    But this line of advertising really misses the mark with me. As someone else said ,it's like comparing a Rolls-Royce and a Subaru. Both are "cars" with engines, and tires and a steering wheel but are not really the same at all. Microsoft simply throwing up a few PC's that are near the spec's of a Mac, really does not tell the whole story.

    Besides shouldn't HP, Gateway, Acer or Dell be running this add about HARDWARE and not Microsoft?

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  • cvaldes
    Apr 5, 09:31 AM
    Anyone have a sub to the CR online that could copy + paste the story for us?

    If this isn't "allowed," my apologies; I'd just like to give it a gander.

    You should look up the definition of copyright.

    Mar 10, 03:37 AM
    I have ordered one of those white DIY Kits and it was easy to put on. I have it now for over 4 months in white and i must say am happy with it.

    The only issue is the problem with the camera. The quality is not anymore as good as on black iPhone 4. It seems to be too bright because of light entering the iphone besides the camera hole :S

    BUT STILL I WOULD BUY ONE AGAIN :) i love the people asking where i got this white iPhone from XD

    Apr 27, 07:19 AM
    He's better than the McCain would have been in most things, but on a whole he gives in to the Republicans way too much. He passed their healthcare plan instead of one that would actually work, kept Guantanamo open, and as far as "National Security" goes he's about the same as Bush. So basically, he was the best of the two choices, but still not very good.

    "yes he can" lie.

    Obama is a joke. False hope and the naive people didn't think so.

    Trump's hair is seriously the mojo. Love it.

    Mar 23, 04:17 PM
    Meh. Integrated stuff always fails first. See VHS/TV and DVD/TV combo units, or the lack of updates (and eventual phase-out) for TVs with built-in cable or sat tuners. I'll take it separately, thanks.

    so you have a stand-alone tuner, then, i take it? same thing.

    Jun 1, 09:51 AM
    Some comments.

    Mar 20, 03:00 AM
    I just want to adress the part of not being a jack of all trades.
    The idea of sticking to one type of photography is an old fashioned one. It was true merely 7-10 years ago and still true for those who are already established niche photographers.

    For new young guys trying to get a foot in, you must not believe that you are so good that you can just start a business and then only do high fashion, expensive weddings or top dollar advertising. You have to be able to do all! Why? Because there are so many photographers and wanna-bes these days and they all compete by tearing down the prices... lower prices = need to do more to earn a living, and my guess is that if you're not already established... you cannot choose to work niche photography.

    Fortunately for myself I have a full time job doing food and warehouse merchandise photography... but since I want to do creative work as well, I'm picking up small jobs on the side like model tests, portraits of artist friends and music videos... let me tell you what I was paid for my last video job:

    $375, full days work from 7 - 20

    Thats almost not enough to pay the rent of the gear if I had to rent it.

    So stop the illusion of being special, and accept that is reserve for the very few. If you want to make a living taking pictures, jack of all is the way to go...

    Ps. One niche that Is nice to do is working with a sinar. Not a lot of photographers know how to works those and they do a hell of a lot better at certain types of photography than any canon, nikon or hasselblad, because you can control your dof and make natural blur across a diagonal.