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  • tveric
    Sep 26, 10:43 PM
    What you forget is that many Apple users will turn on Apple without proof at the slightest hint of anything to object to, however trivial :)

    So much for being mindless Apple-praising "sheep" and "zealots" :D

    You're pretty close to nailing it there - in truth, they're still sheep and zealots, terms that imply a lack of ability to think for oneself and an over-the-top reaction when someone else makes up, or changes, their mind for them. It's the same morons, they just rush to extremes no matter what.

    As for the pod thing - true, Apple doesn't own the word "pod", but it's perfectly reasonable to protect your iPod trademark so that someone else doesn't start making mp3 players called a MePod or something. I can't see how anyone can fault Apple for that. Trademark is not at all like copyright - if you don't actively protect your TM through the legal process, someone later CAN theoretically market their MePod and claim in court that since Apple didn't protect their trademark in a similar case, they can call their player a MePod, and perhaps even trademark THAT.

    It's a jacked-up system, but you gotta play by the rules, I guess, if you want your product name protected.

    free erotic wallpapers. iPod Apple Wallpapers – foto
  • iPod Apple Wallpapers – foto

  • NinjaHERO
    Oct 6, 12:05 PM
    This rumor sounds sketchy at best, but man I would love a bigger iphone.

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  • MrSugar
    Sep 7, 12:58 AM
    I have now spent three hours of my life reading this site. It's hilarious, thanks for the link.

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  • 63dot
    Mar 16, 12:23 PM
    While I agree the U.S. makers have a large share of the domestic market for pickups etc in the long term they are up against it the Japanese,Australian and to a smaller extent South African manufacturers turn out a much better quality product.I would think the only way for the U.S. manufacturers to survive is by partnering the leading overseas producers and use their technology.

    I hope in the long term, US companies partner with many other companies. Yes, it's true foreign companies are ahead, but not that far ahead, imho.

    A lot of people blame some of the areas surrounding Detroit's auto industry and areas around Michigan and neighboring states with the decrease in American auto quality and hard times that hit. While this is true to an extent, a large part of the entire region's economic hardship goes back before the 1980s when there was very little GOP support for the farmers in those states.

    Even when Ronald Reagan and both Bushes were largely popular almost everywhere else and could find strongholds in nearly every state, the party didn't get the votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio up to where the party expected.

    Too many people blame America for making bad cars and thus directly affecting that big section of the Midwest, but by the 1990s the American cars were not really that bad but a lot of the other economies didn't recover. It was far more for the lack of support for farmers there from one of the two major parties.

    It's far too much for any single link, or book to show why that section of the Midwest has been more democratic, but the auto industry and its decline is still a smaller segment of the Midwest's economy than agriculture.

    By losing a lot of support from that industry in the northern Midwest pretty much cost the GOP the elections in 1976, 1992, 1996, and 2008. That being said, losing the majority of the South cost the democrats the election in 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, and 2004. It is a wise move for the president to support those states in the Midwest which are hurting and prop up both the auto industry and agriculture industries. If he fails to do so, he could lose to a Republican in 2012. There's no doubt California and New York with be blue states, and Texas and Utah will be red states, but Michigan/Wisconsin/Illinois/Ohio and maybe Indiana could be very close one way or the other.


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  • Prom1
    Feb 19, 11:03 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I hope he is doing well, Steve is a BIG part of Apple I'll always think of Steve as one of the greatest people of our time, my heart goes out to him I hope he does a speedy recovery. We love you Steve.

    Class. pure Class! I think beyond the respect for his privacy in this matter I'll only post this about his health going forward.

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  • bochawa
    May 2, 01:51 PM
    All this image shows is that the person measuring the white iPhone 4 has no idea how to use a caliper. The idea of a caliper isn't to squeeze the crap out of whatever you're measuring. It is obvious that the in the right picture they are squeezing much harder just looking at the discoloration of the persons skin on their thumb.

    Yes, a micrometer would be a more repeatable measurement method. Can I see a gage R&R study and and 30 piece capability study, please. :)


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  • p0intblank
    Nov 14, 02:37 PM
    Now this is really cool! :D The iPod is everywhere now... even in flight! Go Apple! :)

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  • Lloyd Christmas
    Apr 18, 01:09 PM
    I just paid $4.11 for a regular gallon of gas in New York. $49 for about half a tank gonna be a rough summer. Lloyd


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  • Rogzilla
    Jun 16, 03:42 PM
    Apple CEO: I have this great new product...
    Verizon CEO: This will never go anywhere. i-what. That's a stupid

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  • iPod Apple Wallpapers – foto

  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 11:01 AM
    It's always funny when the networks do crap like this. They have an app that's hugely popular and people like me who live in Comcast's dirty grips wish I had access to. An app that people might start watching networks LIVE (I haven't watched a show live in 10 years thanks to DVR\TIVO)... then they go pulling this crap.

    So the people with the TW app went from downloading torrents and watching on Tivo which provided ZERO bang for the networks' ad dollars, to watching their ads on the mobile device, and that's not good enough? Rot in hell then, lol. Because like when the Writer's Union went on strike, shows DID replace them. Sure they're not as great, but if those shows are what non-union workers can come up with in two weeks, imagine what they could do in two months, or a year...

    - FU@$ the unions and let's bring TV back the way it was intended.

    - FU$@ the network companies who control the cable companies so they can't offer ala carte programming knowing that nobody is going to subscribe to G4 or OWN or Hallmark... and let me go ala carte. I'll take the locals plus 10 channels at $1 per channel per month, please.

    You want war, you'll get war.


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  • iPod Apple Wallpapers – foto

  • Bubba Satori
    Mar 25, 12:29 PM
    Darn greedy company.

    Don't talk about iApple that way.

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  • techweenie
    Apr 6, 10:03 AM
    If by normal people he means then yes.


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  • Eric S.
    Apr 26, 12:53 PM
    I guess they will provide two options:
    [1] A flash Drives in the retail packaging.
    [2] Mac App Store download for Snow Leopard owners.

    Plus a DVD.

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  • bella92108
    Apr 1, 01:40 PM
    What they do in other countries has nothing to do with how they would do it in the USA. Do you seriously think the cable companies would introduce a choice where they stand to lose money? There's no way, unless the FCC forced them, that this would happen.

    Also, $1/channel is way too low. Just because you can get 10 channels for $60, doesn't mean each channel would be priced at 60 cents. IIRC, a popular channel like ESPN costs the cable provider $4/subscriber ... and that's with Disney forcing the whole ABC/ESPN/Disney package of channels onto the cable co.

    If ALC does happen, I would guess that most people would pay the same or more than they currently do. A small percentage may pay less, but it really depends on what channels they pick (and whether those channels survive).

    It's a con when channels that focus on specific programming are forced to close up or offer the same old crap that everyone else does. For instance, a channel like BET may not survive to provide focused programming to the African American community because they would likely lose over half their subscriber base.

    This isn't the goal of diverse television programming. Take a look at Obama's position on ALC. This is what I'm referring to.

    As for letting the less popular networks whither, I do see this as a con. Networks will need to appeal to a broader audience in order to compete. Get ready for 15 channels showing the same formuliac sitcom. 20 channels of reality TV shows. 10 channels of daytime/social talk shows. 15 channels of sports. And 13 channels of news. No room for channels like History Channel or Discovery Health ... as they'll morph into a TNT or SpikeTV.

    So I pay $60 a month and get all of the channels you mentioned above:

    SpikeTV - Unsubscribe Please
    TNT - Unsubscribe Please
    History Channel - Unsubscribe Please
    Discovery Health - Unsubscribe Please
    BET - Unsubscribe Please
    ESPN - Unsubscribe Please
    ABC Family - Unsubscribe Please
    Disney - Unsubscribe Please

    I'll take:

    Comedy Central

    I'd gladly pay $5 per channel knowing those channels are supported and any funding is stripped from the others. That'd half my monthly bill, and $5 a channel is more than fair, right?

    If the others can't appeal to their subscribers, bye bye crap channels.

    But PS - All of the above is utterly irrelevant. These cable channels are ADVERTISEMENT supported, like newspapers, NOT subscription supported.... so they'd fail because they could no longer sell false numbers of "potential viewers" anymore, so they'd fail because they suck, not because they don't make money from subscribers.


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  • fpbecker
    May 5, 09:35 AM
    Microsoft asks consumers to �do the math� before buying a Mac

    Microsoft has launched a new Mac vs PC site.

    The new site, �Do the Math�, launched in Canada recently and aims to compare Mac based computers to several PC counterparts. Microsoft has put together comparison charts for the following Macs:

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  • Slix
    Apr 19, 03:37 PM
    I wish Expos� would have been in iOS 4. I really don't like the current multitasking option.


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  • efoto
    Sep 18, 12:51 AM
    to be on topic:

    If you're set on a mac-usin'-momma, is there a Mac User group you could meet some Mac-using ladies at? We're a fun bunch (if I may say so myself.)

    Other than that, I dunno.. go to starbucks or something to meet people? A singles mixer? *shrug*

    I wasn't just looking for advice on dating in general (although I'll take it, don't get me wrong :) ), I was looking for advice on this particular girl. I have dated all pc users in the past, but at the time I was a pc user as well, so I cannot comment as to the heart and intellect of Mac using women vs. their pc counterparts. I often study, as often as I study :p, at Borders (similar to Barnes and Noble if you don't have them) and that usually does well for finding one or two Mac using 'momma's', however usually they are cramming for something, not exactly my setting for walking up and asking them to chat.
    I realize there are a plethora of women around, especially where I am from they are quite kind to the eyes and their father's wallets seem rather bulged, however....well nevermind, I really have no valid excuses. I am just single until I amass enough funds to purchase many hot women, since that always seems to work :rolleyes:

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  • Warbrain
    Apr 5, 10:31 AM
    I always question the sanity of people who claim to question other peoples sanity of ridiculous things. :cool:

    Have you ever gone to move your finger across the trackpad and find that it registered it as a tap instead? Drives me nuts.

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  • Tommyg117
    Sep 25, 10:36 PM
    whenever i hear podcast i immediately think of apple, so why is apple shutting down free advertising?
    Very good point, I associate it with Apple as well. I think it is a part of iTunes kind of like a cd in relation to a best buy.

    Nov 11, 02:48 PM
    That was awesome :D:D:D:D

    May 1, 11:43 AM
    Somehow, I knew you would reply like you did. Again, I have a job in an actual data center as a systems administrator. Let me tell you, I know the real story. ;) And it's not just my company. Go take a look around and see how many shops use Windows to run their SAP environnements. Their peoplesoft stuff. Heck, just their lowly Oracle installations.

    And who said I was talking about Enterprise Macs ? My Unix boxes cost well over 100k$ a piece.

    It depends on where you work. I have worked for agencies within the US government that were almost 100% Windows. Granted, we weren't running anything like SAP or Peoplesoft, but the servers virtually all Windows based. We had a few Solaris boxes scattered about, but that was about it. I guess Microsoft had better lobbyists or something.

    My current employer (different agency) is much better. Oddly, one of the components I work with is heavily...AIX. I guess IBM isn't totally dead yet.

    Edit: Bah, forgot to do multiquote

    Anyway, regarding the earlier discussion on Android vs. iOS: I don't see how Android is that hard to use. I never even looked at my user manual. It's all touch based with pretty icons. How is that difficult?

    May 27, 02:41 PM
    I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't giving out keys anymore, since the beta doesn't last too much longer. An update said they planned to take it down for a few weeks, then bring it back for a few weeks prior to release. There aren't too many weeks left.

    Did anyone get keys from Best Buy? I thought it was just Gamestop. I went to the store and it was printed on my receipt.

    Apr 28, 05:36 PM
    The report found that 67% of Mac users have a college or advanced degree, as opposed to 54% of PC users. Mac loyalists are 80% more likely than PC users to be vegetarians, and, unlike PC fans, would rather ride a Vespa scooter than a Harley.

    I have a college degree in Computer Science and own a Windows 7 PC and 2 Macs. I like both meat & veggies. Drive a crossover. Scooters are for idiots and I have NO desire to ever own a Harley. maybe a Honda motorcycle. :D

    PC users' tastes trend towards casual clothes, tunafish sandwiches, white wine, Hollywood movies, USA Today and Pepsi. Mac users prefer designer or vintage duds, hummus, red wine, indie films, The New York Times and (we're not making this up) San Pellegrino Limonata.

    I like stylish clothes, red wine, foreign films and tend to read advanced histories rather then the stupid MSM(incl NY Slime).

    Mac users also are more likely to describe themselves as computer-savvy and "early adopters." PC users tend to describe themselves as better at math and less likely to throw frequent parties.

    I don't know what to even say to this one.

    I think the OP has out-done himself this time. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    May 5, 01:14 PM
    The real question is why do people still buy Macs (in increasing numbers) in spite of this... hmmm... makes you wonder...