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  • zioxide
    Mar 27, 10:22 AM
    Yeah no thanks. Are you going to tax just individuals or corporations too? Taxing corporations that deliver goods would raise the costs of everything from milk to televisions.

    How about if you need more tax revenue, you jack up taxes on imported goods? This will increase revenue, and maybe help prevent some of these companies from moving all their jobs to china.

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  • DeSnousa
    Oct 26, 07:54 PM
    This is really great, just tried it. It is nice and clean, exactly like This will be getting used alot at work on the Windows machine.

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  • JDDavis
    Mar 11, 08:07 PM (

    This is great contrast. Love the yellow. Even though it's a bit centered it works because of the curves and the lighting. My suggestion is to go ahead and black out the sky that's showing through. To me it makes it even stronger. I tried cropping it and I think it looks better at it's current size with the sky blacked out.

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  • Eraserhead
    Jun 11, 03:31 PM


    can now be deleted.


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  • spazzcat
    Jan 4, 01:19 PM
    i can't comment on the USA, but in the UK the data coverage can vary substantially. The best voice network is not always the best data network. O2 for example have a good voice network in the UK, but are by far the worst for 3G coverage.

    I can't see how this type of set up could work for people who rely on GPS on a daily basis, weekend travellers maybe, but not people who rely on GPS for their jobs

    If you drive for work, there is a good chance you drive in the same areas, I can't see this app not caching maps.

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  • pianojoe
    Oct 9, 04:39 PM
    Of course they are less expensive. No packaging, no media, no store space, no shipping required.

    They should be less expensive.

    I don't understand what this fuzz is about! I buy a DVD, I watch it, say, 10 times. (Some criminally inclined people would even rip it, shame!) If I don't want it any more, I'll resell it for maybe half the price on Eballs.

    I can't resell the downloaded version. The resale value of the purchased media drops to $0 the moment I buy it. That means, it should be half the price of a DVD. But wait... No packaging, no physical media, (in a way) no retail profit margin...

    The download should be one third the price of the DVD. That's fair!


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  • DTphonehome
    Nov 11, 05:22 PM
    Ha! That guy totally calls it "iRife"!! I rewound it several times to be sure : )

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  • johnnyjibbs
    Apr 25, 03:16 PM
    Big deal. I'd be very surprised if it's not offered on DVD - it's surely cheaper and easier than USB drive. I'm sure the USB drive for MacBook Air was simply because that machine has no optical drive. Surely? :o


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  • jsw
    Oct 27, 07:44 AM
    Sometimes I get the feeling that there are only interns working on .mac
    I always assumed it was monkeys, so I guess interns would be a step up.

    Yeah, for a $99/yr offering, it's stunningly meager.

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  • JAT
    Sep 25, 10:58 AM
    I'm not a photographer, so I don't understand the significance of this update, but I was surprised to see all of these integration improvements. Is integrating with Flickr or your iPod or keynote that useful to a pro? I'd have though these were things more of interest to an average Mac user trying to show off his vacation/baby photos.

    Are you pros interested in these things? Or maybe Apple is trying to get the serious amateur interested in Aperture?
    There are tons of serious amateurs using or interested in Aperture. Or Lightroom. This would be an excellent feature for me. (if I could use the program, see above)

    The worst "feature" of Aperture is the high computer requirements. It really is a resource hog for not much reason. LR is becoming very similar with far less system specs.


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  • ptuxbury
    Feb 25, 06:38 AM
    It isn't all tweens that are doing this. My 3-year old son was playing with my iPod Touch. I installed the free app Touch Zoo, thinking it was something I could keep him occupied with.

    Well, within the next 15 minutes he bought 10 bags of stars - something I didn't know about until I received the $10 invoice from Apple the next day. He didn't know what he was doing - he was just randomly pressing buttons.

    Now, to be honest, I had a feeling this might happen someday (the boy seems to get into EVERYTHING), and $10 is a small price to pay for a lesson learned for me. So I disabled the ability to install apps on that iPod Touch. Just for good measure, he's been banned from iPod Touch use unless it's a circumstance when he's fidgety and I need to keep him busy (like at the grocery store or a restaurant). Thank goodness he didn't purchase 100 bags of stars.

    Still, it would be nice to have an option (in the restrictions menu) to require the password to be entered every time an app is purchased. That would make my life easier.

    While we're at it, the boy almost deleted some videos of himself from my iPhone. I would have been upset, because they were videos from when he was a baby. Can we get another option in the restrictions menu that prevents photos from being deleted?

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  • trainguy77
    Jun 2, 07:34 PM
    That was wierd. When i came to this forum just now. I thing stuck to my screen even when i scolled up and down, it said "macrumors - FoldingTracker (a widget just for you!)"

    anyone had this before. It does not do it again. I got a screen shot of it. I will post it later.

    (i did a fast crop of it)


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  • pulsewidth947
    Oct 29, 11:20 AM
    When I used a PC I used to use Cool Edit Pro, which then changed to Adobe Audition. So I'm delighted that they are creating a new product, particularly as I hate the only other real contender - Bias Peak.

    I've been using Audacity, but it just not advanced enough sometimes.

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  • notjustjay
    Sep 13, 09:05 AM
    My experience getting my wisdom teeth out was much the same as everyone has described. The weirdest part has got to be how you don't feel the passage of time at all from the moment you are sitting on the chair and lose consciousness, and the next moment when you're lying down in the recovery room.

    Normally when you sleep you are still somehow aware of how much time you have been asleep... you can wake up at 3:00am and realize you haven't slept very long, or you can wake up at noon and realize you've way overslept. Not so when they have you under.

    It actually made me really appreciate the power (and danger) of date rape drugs... if this is what happens, you really wouldn't be aware of anything.


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  • jctevere
    Apr 19, 10:11 AM
    I don't think this is real. If this was a "prototype" why would it have XX GB on the back. None of the OEM iPhone 4's have any storage indication markings on the outside. So why would the XX be on the case?

    If you ask me, its customized with aftermarket white glass (that you can buy from china, in white, pink, blue, black, green, etc).

    In fact, after looking closer at the video. The back of the case appears to be a shiny or clear-coat plastic, and not glass. Furthermore, there appears to be a separation or gap along the bottom edge of the phone on the back of the device. Supporting that it is a poor seal from an aftermarket replacement of a black iphone 4's glass with a replica white piece. Such a gap would NOT exist if this was released by apple or exist in a prototype.

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  • BBC B 32k
    Oct 25, 02:02 PM
    gonna try to get there for 5.59 pm, guess i can queue for sixty seconds, better get a t-shirt though or i will be peeved.

    met line from pinner so may be late if there are delays. hope they still have some copies of Tiger left as i need one for my old eMac. should be on sale right?

    i hear that hamleys will be selling Leopard for �49.00 on the day and starting at 5.45 pm. also free beer and a wink from the cashier with every copy sold.

    see you all soon.


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  • Adam-
    Apr 5, 11:26 AM
    When you are watching a YouTube video, I tend to forget where the home button is. Or when surfing the web for some time while in the dark.

    And I don't literally mean glow in the dark like those cheap Halloween things, I'm talking about an actual light behind the capitative square symbol which has a sensor which turns on when there is a certain level of darkness.

    I can easily envisage this happening . It would look fantastic.

    Wouldn't that be so annoying in the dark, like the backlight on the keyboard of a MBP when your watching a movie?

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  • rgs3
    Apr 24, 04:27 PM
    seriously just shut ur pretty faces with the tired backlit keyboard anthem. this is like the least desirable feature esp since it has a direct impact on battery life.

    so simple really:

    -more power
    -longer battery life
    -IPS display
    -less weight
    -runs cool

    the new x220 does the mba better in three items above today for a fact. time for apple to step it up again.

    lol..i think the universe revolves around this guy.
    BTW - BLK might be the biggest requested feature.

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  • backspinner
    Nov 21, 04:31 PM
    a problem will be that it needs a thermal difference to work

    Nov 11, 08:22 AM
    I hunger for a way to download these.

    I have studied japanese for a good while...and i want these ads forever. any suggestions?

    Easiest way is purchase a QuickTime Pro License, then all you have to do is control-click on the window, and it will give you a 'Save as QuickTime Movie'. Or, without QT Pro, you can still save it the movie using a more complicated method as outlined on macosxhints:

    Jun 24, 02:53 PM
    T-Mobile is next. That's all. Here is what i have to say on it - click to read my blog post: iPhone 4 pre-orders, Apple game and T-Mobile availability (

    Oct 27, 05:59 PM
    I got coffee hand delivered by my mum lol! My mate and I were by the Japanese restaurant around the corner. We were tempted to get a take-away bento box and beer.

    Your mum and dad could have went into business bringing us all coffee. probably could have bought a free Leopard with all the tips =) Tell mum and dad about the iPhone in November.

    Apr 5, 05:59 PM
    Well, the Xoom isn't tied to the carrier. Google uses it (currently, at least) as the reference device for their Honeycomb platform.

    I think iPad 2 and iOS has advantages, but as an Apple supporter myself and user/dev owner, too, I think the hubris in this community is very dangerous.

    The bigger they are, the higher they know how the saying goes. The U2 wasn't untouchable, and neither is the iPad 2. The sooner we get over this idea that there is an inherent superiority anything Apple, I really think the better off Apple and its products and the ecosystem actually will be!

    Ever since Android was released on phones I have been hearing that it "is just a release or two away from being a great OS". The reality is that most Android devices are extremely lucky if they get one upgrade ported to them by their carrier. I'll stick with an iPad2 rather than buying something and hoping that it improves with time.

    Aug 2, 07:50 PM
    I wonder if you could hack a 3G microcell to do this entirely in software.