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  • mcapanelli
    Feb 24, 07:54 PM
    In addition, you might read up on this and see that this is really douchebag behavior we're talking about where a publisher has a "free" game for kids and then charges $100 multiple times for "smurfberries". That's pretty slimy behavior. The intention is to get a child who doesn't understand it's not play money to have their parents download the app and put in their password, then use the 15-minute window to rob the parents. The parents are thinking this is some harmless game until they get the bill.

    I would call this bad parenting if it didn't involve trickery. Do you really expect a child to understand the difference between play money and real money?

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  • Ugg
    Apr 29, 09:51 AM
    Should we tax those in high crime areas more because police respond there more often?

    I was poking at SactoGuy18 and his evangelistic "Flat Tax" posts.

    I went car free two years ago. I'd gladly pay a tax based on my use of the roads, whether it be by bicycle or bus. Or even the rare occasions I use ZipCar.

    There's a serious rethinking going on about the use of automobiles in society. Whether it's London's congestion charge or San Francisco's dynamic parking meter rates or the total rethinking of requiring retailers to have x number of "free" parking spots.

    The days of free roadways and free parking are over.

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  • Big JW
    Oct 26, 07:51 PM
    - doesn't work on firefox (1.5) under WinXP

    - still can't use an email address other than mac.com email address as "reply to"

    At least they have fixed it so that it properly quotes previous emails in replies!

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  • NinjaHERO
    May 2, 01:14 PM
    It's just that black is slimming. ;)


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  • Tommyg117
    Sep 25, 10:36 PM
    whenever i hear podcast i immediately think of apple, so why is apple shutting down free advertising?
    Very good point, I associate it with Apple as well. I think it is a part of iTunes kind of like a cd in relation to a best buy.

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  • bwaltens
    Mar 4, 09:03 PM
    I'm going to try to get there after school, so about 3 o'clock. Do you think this will be enough time? i'm going to the southlake store


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  • Kilamite
    Oct 6, 10:44 AM
    I think it does, all other manufactures are spitting out models every month and Apple has two models that they sell every year and they sell more then these other manufactures. Why change that? Can Apple succeeded at selling more models when nobody else can?

    Okay, is this rumour stating that Apple will be spitting out new models every month? No.

    It'll be a yearly cycle. iPhone Nano, iPhone Classic, iPhone XL or something.

    Apple offers more than one size of laptop, iMac and iPods. Seems to work well right?

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  • IntelliUser
    Apr 3, 01:20 PM
    You mean we can't spend significantly less money on taxes and have the same quality of government? Shocker... :rolleyes:

    Yeah but some states have increased or set taxes virtually on everything and still managed to overspend their budget *cough*California*cough*.
    Gotta find a balance.


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  • macaddict3
    Apr 28, 09:53 AM
    sandy bridge processor
    3g/4g card available input (just incase needed if no wifi in the area for traveling)
    usb 3.0 maybe... in ivy bridge rofl..
    better graphics card not going to get crippled with the intel HD3000
    more ram
    more battery life

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  • nmrrjw66
    Mar 14, 01:12 PM
    Surprised that no one has posted this link. If you are in the market for something check http://www.stillmadeinusa.com/ to see if you can find an American made version of whatever it is you are looking for.


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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Oct 26, 10:03 AM
    Second in line here at the moment, the queues building slowly. Feeling just a *tad* geeky!

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  • thibaulthalpern
    Apr 5, 05:11 PM
    Headset jack was removed, so had to buy a USB headset for example.

    Headset jack was removed from the Mac? Since when? New Mac laptops have combined headset/microphone jack.


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  • King Cobra
    Sep 14, 07:08 AM
    >(MacBandit) First of all what do you consider great boot times? Not that this matters a lot. I have a new Dual Ghz/DDR and it starts from cold boot to login in screen in 27secs with 10.2 and from login to operating finder is nearly instantaneous.

    With 10.2, sure, boot time on the Mac has significantly improved. But I've noticed that with the PCs at PHHS the PCs boot in under a minute. But, just this past week I thought I logged out of one of the P3s and I actually restarted it. The restart to log-in, then to the OS was approximately the same as you said, MB. What would a computer with 3x/4x the GHz seem like?

    >Second of all as I have stated before the true reason Mhz doesn't matter is because something like %98 of all computer users are not power users these are the people that will go buy a new computer tomorrow and if there is a 2.8Ghz computer sitting next to a 800Mhz computer they couldn't care they're going to buy the cheap one.

    >(MacBandit, in a previous post) The people that really desire the speed at least most of them know the difference between Mhz and overall system speed.

    My entire previous post, starting from the first lengthy paragraph was trying to explain why MHz doesn't matter. I agree with your point of view, but I am trying to expand the MHz/GHz speeds of a G4 to how it would compare against a P4 of ≈ same speed. My post had approximations, so that's why I say approximately equal to, not =. But my point is that the G4 can actually surpass the P4 at 3 or 4GHz speeds if the right apps are used.

    >They don't even care how much ram it has. I know this because I went computer shopping with my boss for work(yes for a PC). He wanted my help. Well little help I was he bought the cheapest computer he could get with 64MB of Ram I suggested we upgrade it later and he agreed well that was 2 years ago still it sits with 64MB of RAM in it. Oh and I might add it still has all the stickers on the front of it.

    Well I didn't mention RAM, but I will now. Try running OS X (even 10.1) on ANY computer with 128MB of RAM or less. I have with my iMac 233 (w/64MB of RAM) and my iBook 467 (with 128MB). The iMac was a complete drag. My iBook is rather slow, but it works fine. My Cube G4 has 1GB of RAM and must be at least 2 or 3 times faster than my iBook, depending on what tasks I perform.

    >These people don't care about this stuff all it's used for is mail and the occasional websearch and most people are like this.

    Now this brings up a different issue (as well as MHz): OS Stability. Sure, XP may have fixed *some* :snicker: of the errors from older versions of Win. Yet it still isn't totally stable.

    Wherever there is a PC for that stuff, there is a low-end PowerMac for them. It's called an iMac. :cool:

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  • keen-on-mac-1
    Dec 2, 10:10 AM
    That's great for this kid.
    I hope he won't be in too much troubles because of his idea.


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  • ejfontenot
    Mar 11, 10:36 AM
    Chomping at the bit to be at Stonebriar, can't leave here til 4!

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  • hmg
    Sep 1, 09:53 AM
    So when will us ADC select developers get our hands on a copy, that's what I'd like to know..?

    Yes, that's what I finally paid my $500 for: to get the head start this time around. WWDC from Australia is just a "little" too much for me.


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  • mcmlxix
    Mar 24, 10:42 AM
    I don't buy it; Apple offers the Apple TV for $99 which provides AirPlay. I don't think they'll license out the software; Apple has too many negative experiences with licensing out software... :cool:

    With iOS 4.3 enhancements and iDevices everywhere, ATV seems more and more obsolete.

    I don't know why Apple revamped the ATV last year. To me it makes more sense to license the AirPlay to TV manufacturers (free or for fee). I mean, isn�t ATV really just a dongle (albeit with iOS in it) that receives transmissions and is attached to a TV. It�s just a glorified antenna.

    Come on Apple sell more iPads etc, and with some new code, enable them to make ATV obsolete.

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  • thatisme
    Mar 29, 09:21 AM
    No it will not! Focal length is not the same thing as the same as field of view.

    Never said it was

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  • eNcrypTioN
    Feb 23, 10:46 PM
    Lol at the iParent commebt and I think this ia the first topic that everyone has agreed on.

    Sep 13, 08:58 AM
    ...I'm effed. :rolleyes:
    Well, if what you say to him works, you might actually be "effed", but sadly you won't remember it. Then you'll really wonder about the looks he gives you. :D

    Sep 14, 11:21 AM
    Everybody needs to UPGRADE from 10-10.1 to 10.2 JAGUAR!! IT IS FAST!

    Nov 6, 09:49 AM
    So the fact that AT&T can currently know everything about you from miles away is ok, but if they add a chip that works for 30 or 40 feet...that's a problem?

    I like your point, but just to emphasize even further... The RFID that we're likely to see in use in an iPhone wouldn't have that far of a useful range. We'd be talking 2 feet max. See previous post.

    Apr 19, 09:58 AM
    looks good, but as mentioned the voice notes & calculator have the old icons. probably just an internal 4.0

    Looks like it. Expose by shaking looks awesome (who the hell uses shake to shuffle?!). Wish they would bring that in.

    Apr 5, 06:05 PM
    Jeez - last time we had page after page of arguments about this silly NON ISSUE.

    Article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_External_Power_Supply)

    So Apple is probably already compatible with its USBA to 30 pin adaptor cable, and if not then a supplied Micro USB to 30 pin would be fine.

    ah, ok! thanks for pointing that out! allthough i'd preffer a micro usb port ;)