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kristen stewart 2011 pics. kristen stewart 2011
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  • Big JW
    Oct 26, 08:08 PM
    mind telling me how, rickey939?

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  • burtx
    Feb 23, 03:21 PM
    Just make it so you can turn off the 15 minute unlock in the settings. It could even be defaulted to be off.

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  • 89 of 102. Robert

  • iCrizzo
    Apr 5, 12:58 PM
    If I would leak something, I would make sure the device is clean, the camera is in focus and there is enough light.

    Why are leaked images (almost) always such bad quality?

    The source of the pictures said he used his new iPad 2, to take the shots! :cool:

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  • JustBobPro
    Nov 6, 08:14 AM
    We use RFID chips in ID card for public transportation here in the Netherlands. I can't say it's the most efficient system but I can see the potential of having one set up in a device you carry with you all the time like an iPhone.


    kristen stewart 2011 pics. kristen stewart 2011
  • kristen stewart 2011

  • iMeowbot
    Sep 25, 11:40 PM
    Those bots are too dang quick!
    I'm a bot with more bots at my beck and call� the grey goo is only a matter of time, meh meh meh.

    For fun, here ( is a list of the parties who expect to file opposition to the Pod trademark application. They are Secure-It (, Varsity Group (, VNU Media Measurement (Nielsen/Soundscan (, TastyBytes (, Podfitness (, and Line 6 (

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  • brendanspah764
    Jul 6, 05:28 PM
    I would LOVE this. I have been with T-Mobile for over five years, and they are a great company. Unfortunately I cannot get out of my new contract until Nov. so having the iPhone on T-Mobile would be awesome, hoping that they can prepare with all the data that will come with it.


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  • wacky4alanis
    Jan 4, 10:21 AM
    I wonder why the 2 plans have to be mutually exclusive. Why not download the whole database when you get it, for when you might not get coverage. And then automatically update when you do have coverage. When going somewhere, give priority updating to the current route and then download everything else. Maybe allow current route to be updated with EDGE/3G while whole database updates require Wi-Fi. Just my 2�

    Tom Tom is moving towards this... the latest version allows users to submit map update info, and then allows other users to download that info. I'm not sure what it includes because I haven't played with it, but I have noticed it downloading the updates for me every couple of weeks (over 3G, not wifi). It asks when you start up if you want to download the updates.

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  • batchtaster
    Apr 6, 01:07 AM
    There's no such thing as a 'normal person'. The 'normal people' he is reffering to are the computer illiterate. Being computer illiterate dosen't make you normal.

    Actually, it does. Everything that you know about computers (or believe you know) as just being natural and everyday, most people don't know those things. Did you know immediately when 10.6.7 was released? Most normal people don't know that. Software Update eventually finds it and they install it.


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  • biohazard6969
    Sep 17, 06:12 PM
    I have a lot of girl friends because I am a ''nice guy'', but I have very few dating relationship currently (at 0 sadly), and am looking to increase those. Any advice to how to approach and what is a valid offer of something to do for a first date that isn't overly forward?.

    dude i'm in the EXACT same position as you...don't you hate it when they call ya sweet? it doesn't help when all ur girl friends are hot as hell either. but yea, so no advice ccomin from me, but good luck neways

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  • jms969
    Apr 12, 11:11 PM
    Gutted, seems there's still no support for syncing google calendars or am i missing something?

    MS chose not to support calDEV, so no support for google calendars :(


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  • Ghibli
    Jan 14, 02:11 AM
    There ia another HUGE drawback in the decision to have over-the-air maps: the roaming fees. If I travel in my country downloading a map can be a boring stuff but you can live with it (although I have to admit that I would not rely on hoping to have cell service in the area where I have to go), but if you go outside the country downloading anything can really boost your cell fees. Imagine to plan a trip from Milan to M�nich (a 5 hour one, not so long) where you have to download data from (in sequence): Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and Germany cell networks...I imagine that a single trip like this can boost your bit up to several hundreds of Euros...


    Not buying this...

    kristen stewart 2011 pics. kristen stewart 2011 pics.
  • kristen stewart 2011 pics.

  • peharri
    Aug 15, 10:58 AM
    WOW! the evidence youve accumulated is astounding:confused::rolleyes:

    No advertising=more sales:confused: :eek:

    Want to quote where I said that? Perhaps you and the ready2switch can find a set of words in my comment that actually mean that. I can't. Not even in the parts you quoted.

    What I've said are:

    - Sales would be higher now than six months ago regardless of what advertising Apple did. No advertising, bad advertising, good advertising. The fact is that Apple's PowerPC line was Osbourned. People were waiting for Intel Macs. They weren't about to buy machines Steve Jobs was telling the world were obsolete.

    - Apple's current advertising is bad. It insults its current target audience. If Apple wasn't insulting its target audience, sales would be higher.

    It's easy. It's also blatantly obvious.

    Why are you pushing your opnions as fact?....

    I agree with ready2switch below me

    I don't have an opinion on what an opnion is. If you meant "opinion" though, I suggest you avoid any further posting. After all, you wouldn't want to express your opinions would you? Doing so would be "pushing" them as facts, right?


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  • mosiejczuk
    May 4, 05:18 PM
    (I'm planning on getting the new mac pro, and boosting the graphics, and game it out!):cool:

    You don't need that to play new Starcraft, do you? :eek:

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  • 2 of 102. Robert

  • fishmoose
    Oct 6, 10:51 AM
    Okay, is this rumour stating that Apple will be spitting out new models every month? No.

    It'll be a yearly cycle. iPhone Nano, iPhone Classic, iPhone XL or something.

    Apple offers more than one size of laptop, iMac and iPods. Seems to work well right?

    Computers and phones isn't the same thing. I could see them doing it with the iPad since its a computer but I honestly can't see them doing it with the iPhone. Might they change the size of the screen for the next iPhone? Yes. Will they sell two models with different screen sizes? No.


    kristen stewart 2011 pics. kristen stewart 2011
  • kristen stewart 2011

  • mdgm
    May 6, 07:31 AM
    You're welcome. Hope you like your SSD upgrade. You may wish to take a look at

    Some older Mac Minis can have the CPU upgraded, but on both 09 Minis (they are very, very similar) the CPUs are definitely soldered on. This kind of info would be shown in a teardown of a Mac (these tend to be done fairly quickly after a new model is released)

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  • Blue Velvet
    Oct 27, 06:11 PM
    Hope some of you guys will make it to the annual Macrumors London Picnic, usually in July or so. :)


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  • eobet
    Apr 30, 10:14 AM
    I get a 403 when I try to download it... :mad:

    kristen stewart 2011 pics. kristen stewart 2011 pics.
  • kristen stewart 2011 pics.

  • bond2
    Sep 20, 12:26 PM
    As the saying goes at Apple: "If you can't beat'em, dual'em"

    I say whatever it takes to keep up. Doesn't bother me that there are two CPU's under the hood. Anyways I am sure that OS X is way more optimized for dual Processors than Windows 2000 or XP. Having OS X far outways the slight difference in hardware performance. OS X is specifically designed for Macs, and optimized to take full advantage of the hardware. No one that has a Dell, Compaq, Gateway...etc... can say the same thing about Windows. The only way that would happen is if Microsoft came out with a special Intel version of Windows or AMD version. Never gonna happen. I know most of you already know this but I just thought I'd throw it out there again.

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  • redwarrior
    Apr 27, 10:32 PM
    Here is a nice place to start ( to learn about this. There are apps available (not free IIRC) that will allow for quite a bit of customization. But all (edit: well, not all, but a lot) of it can be done for free with enough research and time.

    Have fun! I spent hours upon hours playing around with this when I first switched from Windows to Mac. :)

    Apr 27, 06:36 PM
    You have a moral compass, use it.

    Trump has no moral compass.

    Nov 10, 06:03 AM
    I envision a market for some sort of faraday cage in an iPhone carrying case though grounding it maybe a challenge.

    After-seller small business opportunity, become a chip remover or disabler perhaps.

    1) A Faraday cage doesn't need to be grounded to work.
    2) A "Faraday case" is a dumb idea. How would you receive calls?
    3) The paranoid posts in the thread are stupid to the point of hilarity. Go live in an igloo somewhere, OK?

    Jul 4, 11:25 AM
    I really don't get why people who come up with specs don't think ahead. When SD came out it has a 2GB limit. So they updated it, SDHC for a 32GB limit. Now they had to update it again, SDXC for a 2TB limit. They should have just designed the format to scale in the FIRST place.

    For example: CompactFlash came out in like 1994 and has scaled all the way up to like 137GB, when the first cards were under 1MB.

    Yeah, they scaled just fine when it came to sizes. But instead they are at like the 6:th revision when it comes to speed capabilities.

    Mar 24, 02:04 PM
    I think Steve would take issue with that statement.

    Being a CEO doesn't mean you own the company.

    I support veterans and families, they risk their lives and the government screws them over, but I cannot condone the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    Did you vote for Barack Obama? He supports the violence in Afghanistan, he even increased it.

    But back on topic. I think it's smart for the military to review the kit they are deploying down to the soldiers on the ground. They should be doing that far more often than they do. But you can't read too much into it. The Army especially requires a lot of kit of the type that Apple currently doesn't sell (PCs in the category of the Panasonic Toughbooks for example).

    Oct 9, 04:04 PM
    Maybe it's just me, (and maybe this has been said before) but when I first got my "video capable" iPod, I was downloading music videos left and right. Then as soon as TV shows became available I got hooked on "Lost", "Battlestar Galactica" and more...but I quickly found out that the quality was not that great...

    I still ended up buying the DVD's of the shows that I really liked, and for those movies that I want on my iPod (for travel purposes) I simply convert them to iPod format, the quality is far better than anything you can download.

    Downloading may be convenient, but I will still run to the store for a hardcopy.

    And I agree with some earlier comments, once the HD/Blu-Ray war is over and the dust settles, I will begin rebuilding my video library with the winning format, because I can't imagine (yet) trying to download those files.