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  • justflie
    Oct 26, 09:22 PM
    The interface is slick, but it is slow as a tortise. Maybe they are still bringing additional servers online, but I hope the speed improves...

    [EDIT] Just tried it using Firefox 2.0, and the speed is MUCH faster than on Safari. Interesting...
    It runs fine on my machine in Safari. Maybe it's just some startup jitters

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  • Dooger
    Mar 25, 08:27 PM
    Wow. Your logic here is inescapable. What is it you're denouncing exactly?

    Dear oh dear. Have you read the rest of this thread or did you just bull on in there at the end? So out of all the comments, you tried pulling me up on just this one. It's hardly deeply philosophical, are you really struggling? Nice try lil tiger.

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  • peskaa
    Mar 20, 11:32 AM
    Anyone actually seen one?

    Gamestop said they'll have a demo kiosk the day after the launch...

    Yep, tried one out yesterday, local store had a demo unit. The build quality is pretty good, although it looks very plastic and childlike compared to the iPhone/iPod Touch/NGP that are much more 'adult'.

    I couldn't see the 3D as expected (vision problems in one eye), but the other half wasn't overly impressed. The re-focusing needed to go from the bottom screen to the top is just tiring on the eyes, and you really do have to hold the 3DS at a specific angle to get the effect.

    The augmented reality was pretty cool (even without 3D) though, but certainly not enough to sell me a console.

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  • thatisme
    Mar 29, 09:41 AM

    end of story.

    Which is what I said all along....

    Thatisme, maybe Canon can help clear up your confusion.

    did you read it? it is exactly what I have been saying all along.


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  • Prom1
    Nov 2, 10:25 AM
    Yah, man INTEL & APPLE bonding couldn't have happened at a better time. New Platinum Age of Apple is dawning.

    > but with too many great machines - I dont know which I want more. The Mac Pro or the Mac Book Pro Core2Duo. But both are just too expensive right now (work keeps screwing my cheques) and iMac may be the machine (17")/.

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  • willfurnell
    Apr 26, 10:13 AM
    Try a SMART status check on your drive, it may be failing. Best to check now, and backup in case you loose you data.


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  • integlspwr
    Apr 19, 03:37 PM
    dude those vietkong mf's a'ways seem to cop the exclusive apple s.hit

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  • mac15
    Feb 29, 10:04 PM
    I just pulled my sim card out of my Motorola T720 and threw into my mums nokia something or other. It works fine, I'm not sure what problems your having


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  • rickdollar
    Jun 18, 01:48 PM
    Can the Mac mini boot from one of these cards? That would be insanely great.

    I know the MBP's can boot from the SD card.

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  • longofest
    Oct 26, 07:58 PM
    The interface is slick, but it is slow as a tortise. Maybe they are still bringing additional servers online, but I hope the speed improves...

    [EDIT] Just tried it using Firefox 2.0, and the speed is MUCH faster than on Safari. Interesting...


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  • Sabacrow
    May 2, 03:46 PM
    I have been spending ours on this, searching and searching and searching to no avail. Basically, here's my problem. I use Better Touch Tool on my MBP for all of my trackpad gestures and it handles them quite well, except for one. I want to register a three-finger tap as CMD+SHIFT+CLICK or SHIFT+MIDDLE CLICK to open a link in a new tab and jump to that tab automatically in Chrome. The problem is that BTT only allows trackpad gestures to be predefined actions or keyboard shortcuts. The closest I've come so far has been setting three-finger tap to middle click and having to hold down shift, but I want the entire command to be key free. All I want to know is if there's a way to remap the Middle click to any of the F1-F12 buttons.

    By the by, I've already looked at KeyRemap4MacBook

    Thanks for any help

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  • bizzle
    Apr 11, 06:14 PM
    I paid $3.50 today 87 in NJ. I fill up every three days for work. I get around 27-28 mpg in my 05 Civic Si.


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  • Bern
    Nov 11, 03:56 PM
    To be fair, Justin Long's name was known before the Apple ads. As well as John Hodgman's. Justin for Dodgeball, and John for his stints on the Daily Show.

    Those two actor's names are only known in America, I'm sure Japanese have never heard of them (and probably don't care much either), Australians wouldn't know who they are.

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  • Cerano
    Apr 24, 06:18 AM
    i get very puzzled when people ask for an Arrandale Core I3 ULV when that's slower than the C2D ULVs that we have. People are apparently falling for all the marketing.


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  • roadbloc
    May 5, 12:21 PM
    Hence, the "antivirus tax".
    I fail to see how a free antivirus is a tax.

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  • InfoSecmgr
    Apr 6, 03:38 PM
    That has nothing to do with the hundreds of billions we dump on weapons that don't even get used.

    It has everything to do with it. You simply have no concept of what goes on in the military unless you are in or work for them. You really think what you hear in the news is the way it is? Wow.


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  • HDJulie
    Mar 24, 03:41 PM
    Glad I browse these forums at work. Just called my local Verizon and they're holding their last 16GB wifi for me. :D

    I can't even get someone on craigslist to sell me their used one for this price!!

    Ha, me too! It is just too good of a deal to pass up.

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  • Black107
    Feb 24, 12:43 AM
    The company also offers parental controls built into iOS that allow adults to completely disable in app purchasing, although many casual users may be unaware of the option's existence.

    RTFM. This is a personal issue and something that doesn't require government involvement. Why should Apple have to re-work the system to account for parents who raise greedy spoiled children?

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  • amac4me
    Oct 27, 09:09 AM

    Mar 11, 03:23 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Lucky 13 in line at the best buy in garland firewheel they said they have 5 of each model and have every model so I should be good there is about 25 in line they took a list of names to keep line integrity

    Nov 17, 09:36 PM
    That $130k will all go to the lawyers, even if he is able to establish that he has a legal "right" to sell those parts, and I think that'll be a challenge.

    Shame the teenager isn't in Australia or England where the loser pays the winner's legal costs.

    May 2, 01:34 PM
    So awesome, it warps reality.

    Apr 19, 11:10 PM
    1.419$/Liter or 5.51$/US Gallon.

    The only place in North America where gas is ridiculously HIGH....QUEBEC. Taxes represent 30-35% of the cost of gas. *sigh* But at least our roads are smooth... Oh no wait, they are not.


    Jan 6, 06:35 PM
    Not really sure of the point of push as emails come through about facebook activity anyway.....

    Contacts sync is an awesome idea though! Just did it and it downloads the photos and puts a link to the facebook page in each contact....

    It doesn't mess up your contacts at all!