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  • jsw
    Sep 13, 08:53 AM
    My wife's an RN and has both been in a number of anesthetized surgeries and has had some herself.

    Most patients do just fine - as described above. Redheads are a bit more sensitive to anesthesia (not sure why, but apparently it's true), but that isn't an issue unless your anesthesiologist is color-blind. ;)

    Some people - including my wife - are prone to a bit of nausea afterwards, but it's usually short-lived and it isn't an issue with most people. One thing that helps is to pay strict attention to the fasting/drinking instructions they'll give you beforehand. That cookie might seem like nothing when you're hungry before you go in, but you'll regret it upon waking up.

    Also, depending on the anesthesia and your particular reaction to it, you'll almost undoubtedly have some period - a few seconds to an hour or so - of time where you are lucid but don't have functional short-term memory... meaning you might say naughty things to your neurosurgeon but then will have no idea why he's looking at you like that later on.... ;)

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  • sananda
    Oct 25, 03:48 PM
    gonna try to get there for 5.59 pm, guess i can queue for sixty seconds, better get a t-shirt though or i will be peeved.

    met line from pinner so may be late if there are delays. hope they still have some copies of Tiger left as i need one for my old eMac. should be on sale right?

    i hear that hamleys will be selling Leopard for �49.00 on the day and starting at 5.45 pm. also free beer and a wink from the cashier with every copy sold.

    see you all soon.

    a what from the cashier?

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  • Bern
    Nov 11, 02:50 AM
    I'm not sure why you guys think the ads are more amusing simply because they're in a foreign language :confused: Not everyone in the world speaks english.

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  • iTucci
    Sep 25, 09:59 AM
    Japan store is still selling Aperture 1.1 ...


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  • lhotka
    Mar 13, 12:21 PM
    In Arizona - the Verizon phone shows the correct (unchanged time). The AT&T phone is an hour fast (it changed).

    This is such a basic function - how can Apple get it wrong?

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  • nodrog6
    Nov 11, 02:26 AM
    those were friggin awesome. i love how they are funny even though they're in japanese


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  • realtime
    Sep 1, 03:03 AM
    Update away. Those of you running illegal copies of the WWDC (torrent) will be happy to know that your IP and other system/contact info is automatically logged and forwarded to Apple Legal by the Leopard Software Update. :eek:

    "Enjoyed the preview? Good. We'll be contacting you soon..."

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  • question fear
    Oct 18, 05:34 AM
    But all those chicklet sized buttons just look like a crazed Bedazzler-wielding mom attacted an innocent cell phone. :eek:

    This was the funniest thing I've read all week.

    I've been in insurance training, and in addition to financial people, there's been some, uh, "Desparate Housewives" getting their insurance licenses, and I'm picturing them passing around a poor phone and a bedazzler during class now. :eek:


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  • franswa za
    Apr 5, 10:35 AM
    looks like the playbook has been rimmed to death


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  • jammyjc
    Jul 7, 06:32 PM
    I'll be at the Bridlington O2 Shop (probably going to be the only one). My O2 signals always been great here but I guess Brid is a lot flatter than Scarb.


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  • PowerFullMac
    Oct 25, 09:40 AM
    I might be there tomorrow not sure yet though... I haven't received word from my inside contact :D so im guessing not. :(

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  • mkrishnan
    Apr 29, 01:10 PM
    But I agree in theory that we can cut down greatly on how much we drive. And higher gas prices will do that(which is good, even if we don't make as much off taxes as you would if driving levels stay the same)

    The new wave of urban living will help too. If people don't have driving as an option because of price, or have it less, interest in public transit but also walking and biking will increase due to natural market pressures. However, many towns and cities in the US will have a major infrastructural gap because they have so many roads that are not cyclist / pedestrian friendly. They will likely change due to economic pressure, but cities investing in walkability now will be well poised to grow when/if such a time comes.


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  • mrkramer
    Apr 25, 02:56 PM
    I have seen that list and it is a list of around 500 things. There are only about 140 things here. Most of them are encouragements which means nothing. Number 279, 284, 315 who the hell cares. Number 460, I could ask them to do that. Number 502, get his daughters a puppy, who gives a flying ****. A lot of this list is horse crap that doesn't matter.

    What about the other lists posted? anyway, you seem to admit that there are 140 things that count on that list, so that is a lot more than you claimed he had done.

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  • Boomer85
    Mar 25, 10:21 AM
    Called 2 local stores...on the second one, they were literally ringing up the last 3 they had (16GB)...however, she called her district manager who was heading down to her store from one further north (about 65 miles away) that had 8 left. The manager is bringing 2 down with him on his way. Those 2 WILL be picked up by me after work!



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  • Piggie
    Apr 14, 02:33 PM
    Do all these people have to spend time in one of these, before they can start working for Apple ;)

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  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 07:11 PM
    Thanks for the pics kingdonk. It looks like the Open Directory service is there in the pictures, although maybe it's unconfigurable at the moment. I do not see NFS which is surprising.

    Overall, with the killing of the Xserve and Apple catering OS X Server more to the SOHO, it will be a tough sell since a lot of 2-10 person shops that don't require more than 500GB can probably have most of their infrastructure on the cloud.

    If they need massive amounts of storage and not a lot of physical space then an XServe would fit better with a RAID attached and backup unit.

    NFS is there, just keep your eyes peeled and you will see it some where in the screen shots along with samba and ipad file sharing.


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  • fyrefly
    Apr 25, 12:26 AM
    If you don't like the BL keyboard you can always switch it off. Gives you the so desired battery life and others keep the option for a bl keyboard...

    Hah. Yep, switch off that BL keyboard, all you haters, 'cause it'll probably save you a total of 10 mins of battery life. Out of 7 hours. That's like 0.02% battery life loss. :p

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  • lordonuthin
    Apr 15, 10:40 PM
    i'll be getting more involved with this as soon as my electricity supplier has finally changed, should be a couple of weeks, my current love overcharging me for leaving things running 24/7.

    At least you can change providers, at least where I live there is only one so I'm stuck with what I have to pay:(

    i'll also try and sort out the software for my ps3, i barely use that so it'd prolly out do my computer looool
    Powermac G5 dual 2.0Ghz teh Mac Pro is coming later this year hopefully :D

    Ps3's are quite fast when it comes to folding so it may indeed outpace your G5 :p

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  • jbcaro
    Mar 13, 10:55 AM
    Get rid of DST. Not needed anymore. Problem solved.

    Sep 1, 03:03 AM
    Update away. Those of you running illegal copies of the WWDC (torrent) will be happy to know that your IP and other system/contact info is automatically logged and forwarded to Apple Legal by the Leopard Software Update. :eek:

    "Enjoyed the preview? Good. We'll be contacting you soon..."

    Mar 1, 10:36 PM
    more options

    Nov 5, 07:36 PM
    Hong Kong, Japan & a few other countries have been using technology like this for a while. Hopefully it'll start being mainstream in Western countries soon.

    Hong Kong uses a SMART type card for everything, transport, vending machines, etc etc.

    Japan uses their mobile phones, AFAIK :P

    Yeah, it is so wide spread in Japan that you can use it at little corner shops these days. Great technology.

    Jan 6, 11:17 PM
    So, any first-hand feedback yet? Any reviews?

    Edit: Ah, here's one:

    Mar 28, 09:41 AM
    it doesn't really make business sense for them to wait longer to do the iPhone 5, so many customers expect it around June and they save up and sell their old phone, also 12 month iPhone4 contracts and 24month 3Gs contracts expire in June!
    Apple knows what it's doing, no other company has ever had people so eager to give them their money for something they know nothing about yet.
    if there's no new iPhone, all these potential expectant customers might just buy an android.