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  • dscuber9000
    Mar 11, 11:28 PM
    Honestly, I'm looking around my room right now and the only things that I think were made in America are books and software...

    Pretty much everything was made in Japan or China.

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  • justflie
    Mar 23, 07:58 PM
    They're going to realize that the existing machines they have- or Windows machines that can be had for much cheaper- are quite capable of handling any non-classified activity without switching to new hardware.
    Absolutely correct. Unless you have a specialized workflow (ie in certain S&T positions), the vast majority of work is done within MS Office. Doesn't exactly require a workstation.

    That being said, our biggest problem is the hardware differentiation. As a result, the software is a horrid mess because the "security" crap that's on all of our machines interacts with the configurations differently. People are used to blue screens popping up every now and then. Everything gets so bogged down. It's horrid. Would I recommend that everyone switch to a Mac? No. It would take far too long to teach all of the tech illiterate what to do. It would be nice to have as an option for "the rest of us." :cool: The relatively small amount of hardware customization possible would help IT a bit too.

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  • After G
    Sep 19, 10:18 PM
    Depends where you live, really.

    My experience is more toward the 3 days.

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  • pacmania1982
    Apr 2, 04:38 AM
    I put �20 in the car yesterday, and paid �1.31.9 per liter. Working that out with the exchange rate, I'm paying about $7.75 per US gallon. It currently costs me about �50 ($78) to fill my tank, and I get about 300 miles out of it. I do ~250 miles a week.



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  • fabian9
    Feb 18, 10:35 AM
    This is the photo is full size:

    He does look scarily thin�

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  • netdog
    Oct 27, 03:07 AM
    It is surely embarrassing for Apple that a 3rd party developer can write an app that will download and upload from the iDisk far faster than their own Finder.

    If I'm going to iDisk, I use Transmit. Otherwise it's not worth it.

    I'm in no hurry. Would rather not buy Transmit. iDisk is incredibly slow, but no skin off my back (I don't use it too much). Interesting to learn that it is the application, and not something inherently sluggish on the host end.


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  • ccharlton
    Mar 18, 03:21 PM
    Hey guys,

    1st post. Wanted to see if there are any methods for allowing non-WPA2 Enterprise clients to access my wireless LAN without having to import the certificate and authenticate with username/password. Perhaps filtering by MAC address.

    All my PC's and Mac's are working fine but I have a Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and a Sony Bravia TV that connect wirelessly.


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  • leekohler
    May 3, 01:54 PM
    I got no good answer for you Lee, I didn't vote for that party. Maybe the minority position of the last two conservative government gave them a softer image than before, maybe it was due to the lack of a strong Liberal leadership, maybe people were tired of going to the polls and wanted a 4 year break... I got 'nothin. :o

    I'm afraid that instead of a 4 year break, you're merely going to get broken. I'm serious, after reading up more on these people, you guys are gonna have a very tough time with them. Trust me, they're gonna do what they say they're gonna do. They're idealogues.


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  • Michael73
    Apr 26, 08:47 AM
    Apple consistently touts how recyclable the machines it makes are and often talks about other green aspects of the company. It wouldn't surprise me if Lion is offered at a discount through the App Store and then a small premium on physical dvd media. Not only are USB sticks still more expensive than a dvd, but probably not as environmentally friendly to manufacture and package.

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  • vancleef
    Apr 15, 02:15 PM
    Agreed we are spoiled. Unfortunately the U.S. has a horrible infrastructure as far as public transportation and such so many people live far from their jobs and have to drive everywhere.

    I remember in New Zealand paying $4 something per liter :eek:

    Here where I live at the Sheetz gas stations its $3.75.

    Yes and that is the discussion here in Sweden. As you might know we have a big chunk of our population out in the woods far from any larger cities and these areas are slowly dying in favor of urbanisation. And without any communion service worth mentioning these people suffer from the high gas prices as you might guess.

    Either way, didn't mean to offend anyone mattcube64 :)


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  • rmhop81
    Mar 23, 01:54 PM
    Works perfectly for me (using Air Video and the latest beta server) since 4.3 came out.

    hmmmm mine has never worked. the audio always works but i can never see the video part. pictures also work as well.

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  • cmaier
    Mar 25, 03:02 PM
    In related news, Nokia has a problem:



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  • mattsaxuk
    Oct 23, 05:43 PM
    Finally decided to register on MR forums just for this! Much of a turnout expected? New comers to the forums welcome in the macrumours party??

    Should be there about 5 - is there a handshake or something i should know about?

    See you there!

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  • WildCowboy
    Nov 21, 04:53 PM
    I find these comments about the website interesting...I guess we care more about a flashy site than a site that just provides the information on what they do in a simple effective way....

    I take it that they are spending their money on developing the chip and not on web design. :p

    In the business world, you need to be able to make a good impression. If you have a flashy website and nothing behind it, you're going nowhere. If you have good substance but poor presentation of it, you can still succeed, but it can be a lot harder than if you've got it presented well.

    Sitting down for an hour with GoLive would provide them with a much better front door to the world. Starting a tech company is hard, but it's easier if you excel in all areas of your business. And yes, publicity is one of those areas.


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  • Elijahg
    Apr 5, 10:52 PM
    Once again, I was never talking about the audio out port that also has mic capabilities for iPhone headsets that there are very few of. I was talking about the line-in jack that is useless and does not support power for a typical headset.


    It certainly isn't useless, it's designed so you can get high-quality stereo audio through it. You can't do that with a mic socket, the power in the socket for the mic can affect the sound quality, it causes a buzz. If you want high quality audio get a USB headset or a USB/FW microphone preamp. For the majority the iPhone headphones/mic or the built-in mic work just fine. Why do you need support for PC-style headsets?

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  • Gjeepguy
    Apr 19, 09:41 AM
    The back camera is no longer a separate piece of glass. See at 0:39.

    Facebook integration


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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 4, 10:46 PM
    I don't have experience with FM radio docks. But I have read very good reviews about iHome docks that include FM radios.

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  • TehReaper
    Mar 11, 06:18 AM
    University? Damn I thought they only had north park mall one and Knox store haha I'm still waiting for them to open the door for the mall at north park =\

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  • fikkser
    May 12, 08:40 AM
    I just got my betakey from a swedish online store called webhallen.se. I pre-ordered the game got the key sent to my mail 10 minutes later and then off booked the order. Maybe a bad way, but I'm buying the game later.

    This is basically an open beta, so I don't see any problems in getting it this way. You could too with some google translation.

    Oct 10, 08:17 AM
    Well the iMacs did get the Core 2 Dou processors after the Mac Pro. The Mac Pros came out with Core 2 Dou first.

    just so you know, mac pro NEVER had, let along past tense, Core 2 Duo (or Core 2 Dou)
    Woodcrest (Xeon), as much as it might have the similar technology underlying its processor, is NOT Core 2 Duo.

    Apr 21, 12:59 PM
    If the hardware isn't that much different from the iPad 2 then why would they give it to devs early?

    Same question I had. Just run the game at 960x540 on the iPad 2 to simulate running the game. Even if it's clocked differently, they can approximate that too. Only difference would be if they stuffed more RAM in the iPhone 5/4s, which I doubt.

    Oct 26, 03:28 PM
    I was hoping to get Leopard today for �5.95 because I qualify for Up-to-date but they wouldn't do it in store:eek:, online only:mad:, I have to wait til monday or tuesday to recieve it :(

    :rolleyes: i got a :apple: t-shirt though.

    Apr 23, 10:21 AM
    He's a shady character. The bankruptcy thing really bothers me. Once is bad enough. But 3 times? I know how these bankruptcy hearings go and aside from the fact that assets are hidden, other people have to eat the losses.

    Mar 1, 01:58 PM
    Just looking at the ''Server Admin' screenshots posted, i noticed that in the list of Services, both AFP and NFS are missing. Is File Sharing managed somewhere else in Lion?

    youre right! uh oh. will have to investigate when i get to work.