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  • leekohler
    May 3, 09:15 AM
    Let me just say, that as complacent as Canadian's appear, **** with our Universal Health Care, and there will be rioting (Edit: tasteful demonstrations) in the streets.

    The Provincial government has made quite enough cut-backs, TYVM.

    Again- do not underestimate them. Don't think for one minute that they won't try it. The people are not their concern.

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  • mosiejczuk
    May 4, 05:18 PM
    (I'm planning on getting the new mac pro, and boosting the graphics, and game it out!):cool:

    You don't need that to play new Starcraft, do you? :eek:

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  • question fear
    Sep 19, 09:17 AM
    You know, it's entirely possible she was just being friendly to you when she chatted you up outside the store. If she'd just left work, she was probably still in a "friendly be nice to customers mode". Especially if you'd just purchased something, she might have seen you as a future high ticket customer and thought she'd just greet you for a moment, you'd just talked and she figured, why be rude? A lot of people in retail have a "friendly" demeanor that is used on customers, and does not indicate a willingness to sleep with their customers. One of my employees has a real problem with this, she goes above and beyond to help a customer, and they interpret it as being more than just helpful. On more than one occasion she has done exactly what this apple employee has done, hiding in our back offices or sort room until the customer leaves. I hate to tell you this, but it sounds like she was trying to be nice, and now she's weirded out because her niceness has gone too far. If she hid TWICE, that's probably what it is.
    But, just to be positive, maybe she's been getting in trouble for socializing while at work, and she can't be seen flirting with you while she's working. I just didn't want to steal all your hope.

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  • aiqw9182
    Apr 5, 11:36 PM
    It certainly isn't useless, it's designed so you can get high-quality stereo audio through it. You can't do that with a mic socket, the power in the socket for the mic can affect the sound quality, it causes a buzz. If you want high quality audio get a USB headset or a USB/FW microphone preamp. For the majority the iPhone headphones/mic or the built-in mic work just fine. Why do you need support for PC-style headsets?

    Anyone doing serious recording through a 1/8 jack needs their head examined. The jack is useless in its current state. Why do I need support for 'PC style' headsets? Well for one there are a ton of new high quality headsets I could choose from and for two I could have a free USB port. The headphones that support the audio out microphone capability are either expensive as hell or not good for long periods of time.


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  • Rdclark
    Apr 15, 11:55 AM
    In January Consumer Reports surveyed over 58,000 of its subscribers on the quality of their cell phone service, with categories for voice, data, customer service, and coverage.

    Both overall and localized for 26 different US cities, Verizon far outperformed AT&T in this survey.

    It's customary for the tech community to scoff at Consumer Reports' findings, and often with very good reason. But if you ask 58k people, mostly the sort of middle-class folks that are typical CR subscribers, how satisfied they are with their cell phone service, the results IMO can't be easily dismissed. In this large sample, far more people were very unhappy with AT&T than with Verizon.

    I found this -- as a person buying an iPad 2 as
    1. a netbook/iPad/GPS/e-reader replacement, who
    2. neither owns nor wants a smartphone, and who
    3. spends nearly 100% of his time in large American cities
    --to be a compelling argument in favor of Verizon. Far more compelling than any anecdotal evidence, which is all I see in this thread.

    After a month with my 64GB white 3g iPad, I've had no reason to regret my choice. Verizon has never failed to connect, never dropped a connection, never seemed particularly sluggish (although I wait for wifi to download large files), and their pricing seems to fit my usage patterns more economically than AT&T's would have.

    My point: it's possible for a rational person to research and analyze this question and come up with Verizon as an answer, and then be happy with that choice. Contrary to some assertions otherwise.

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  • MartiNZ
    Apr 12, 06:30 PM
    Cool, they have ALWAYS had issues with saving toolbar, menu and keyboard shortcut settings between launches. The day I installed Office 2011 I had both Word and Excel 'unexpectedly' quit on me while trying to adjust such things to my liking. Since then they've sometimes just blatantly and with intent to wound reverted to default settings, grrr.

    The ribbon in '11 does still need some work - they did a great job with it in '10 on Windows, where it is fully customisable, even if it ALSO has major issues with saving the changes - you have to make all the changes in one sweep or it keeps reverting. The customisability in '11 is lacking and for whatever reason they made the ribbons very different from their Windows equivalents - probably just to make it harder for switchers lol.

    Looking forward to seeing what else if anything is new. Doesn't look like they included any fixes for the much-in-need Messenger.... Nevermind.


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  • GSMiller
    Jun 17, 02:17 PM
    The Xbox 360-2 looks a lot better than the new PS3, although I would rather it have a matte finish so as not to show fingerprints or dust as easily. That being said, the Xbox 360 should have came with wi-fi built in from the get go and not been an add on $80 option. I moved my Elite from the living room to my bedroom just so I could connect it to my AEBS and not have to spend a pretty penny doing it.

    "...Priced at $299 (same as the current "Elite", so expect price drops on the older ones)..."

    Probably not...Remember how Sony didn't lower the sale price of the original PS3 when the refreshed model came out--even though it was higher?

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  • whooleytoo
    Sep 26, 10:57 AM
    It seems to me that Apple are the good guys here for once, slapping down a company that is trying to trademark terms that are already in use albeit in a niche market!

    Personally, I can't see how Apple could be seen to be the good guys in this case, given they're sending cease-and-desist letters to people using 'pod' (not "iPod") in their product names.


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  • Bern
    Sep 25, 10:43 PM
    The phrase Podcast didn't exist until the development of Apple's iPod so I don't see why they shouldn't own the rights to it or at least have some level of control for it's use.

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  • eburr
    Mar 14, 10:46 AM
    Willow Bend and Stonebrier don't have any


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  • amac4me
    Mar 23, 04:01 PM
    I'm all for more agencies adopting Macs! Heck, one day we might be able to classify them as switchers :D

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  • ctachme
    Oct 10, 07:39 AM
    I doubt very much Macbook is getting updates at the same time Pro Models do. Thats not how Apple operates. First the pro models will be updated then that tech will show up months later in Macbook with some crippling like in Gpu.

    Exactly! That's why the iMacs didn't get the Intel procssors until 7 months after the Mac Pros, right?


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  • twoodcc
    May 14, 06:32 PM
    I was thinking could Arn not give out a paid subscription to the forums for a year say when you hit milestones of 250,000 points or so?

    Budget is around AUS$800-1000, and I will be getting most of the parts in 3 to 4 months unless there is new tech coming not to long after it?

    i would love it if Arn would do that!

    what is that American?

    it depends if you want to go intel or amd. also, you have to consider that the new GPU client is coming eventually, which should help ATI video cards greatly

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  • DeSnousa
    May 5, 06:25 AM
    Welcome grapes911 to the team :D


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  • Westside guy
    Mar 29, 12:40 AM
    So he really doesn't wear anything besides jeans and black turtleneck...huh :)

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. It'd be interesting to see his closets - wonder if he has dozens of black turtlenecks, all in a row...

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  • bilbo--baggins
    Sep 27, 11:06 AM
    All I need to know is whether it will update iSync to support the Sony Ericsson M600i...


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  • akhomerun
    Oct 9, 04:54 PM
    gee, the retail stores would speak out against something that would hurt their sales, wouldn't they?

    apple is providing an alternative just like retail stores provided alternatives to going out to a theater when VHS was released. im certainly not saying it's better, i would never download an itunes movie, because i'd rather have a physical dvd. but now i have the choice.

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  • robbieduncan
    Sep 25, 11:22 AM
    yes, by ME !

    Well then what was your question? That list is what you want: a list of all supported cameras. The 9500 is not supported.

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  • CanadaRAM
    Sep 17, 12:24 PM
    I asked a girl (similar to your situation) for her number and she said, "What for?" LOL. :o
    - Need to verify your age and marital status and check out your high school photo and credit rating online before I invest in a dinner and a movie
    - National security reasons.
    - Need to check the meter on your photocopier.
    - Have a high return, surefire investment proposition on some vacation property I'd like to discuss with you.
    - Identity theft.

    Apr 12, 05:57 PM
    If people are less likely to use a cashier who is an ethnic minority (which I dispute, but anyway), would that make them less productive and less valuable for their employer?

    So, if it is thought that an ethnic minority would actually do a job worse, because of other people's discrimination, then ethnicity technically would make a difference to their ability to do a job.

    Would this be grounds for not employing them?

    I just don't see that in real life and I think it would be almost impossible to prove in a court of law.

    My belief is that we need to move beyond skin color and towards a system where the economically repressed are given a better chance to move up the ladder of success.

    Apr 21, 11:57 PM
    About $4.50 right now in Chicago.

    Apr 30, 07:44 PM's NOT u/linix sorry...because "web page servers" are not the only computers in data centers!

    Hum, you do understand all those big financial institutions and banks don't actually use Windows server for their big enterprise level CRMs and other important packages right ?

    Unix and Linux are used for way more than just "web server". Maybe you should try working 1 day in IT before you talk about IT. ;)

    Of course, you probably don't want to hear the truth and wouldn't accept it anyhow, keep believing in Windows' importance because that's what you see on the desktop, I'll keep working on real OSes in my cushy IT job far away from anything made by Redmond.

    redeye be
    Aug 24, 05:00 PM
    Things are about to change...

    In order to let version 1.0 of this widget really blow your socks of, some changes had to be made on the ExtremeOverclocking side.
    The guys are great in adding some extra info i requested. Small bummer: the current version of the widget doesn't work anymore (it has no idea the xml file changed - no AI yet, sry). I'll try to do a quick fix by the end of the week (should be faster, just not in the mood right now :cool: ). 1.0 should be out before the end of the month (september that is ;)).

    Sorry about this,
    Keep up the fold,


    Mar 23, 01:15 PM
    If the goal of Apple software is to sell Apple hardware, wouldn't it make more sense to give the airplay licenses away rather than trying to sell them?