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  • LarryC
    Mar 30, 05:40 AM
    The data (http://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_asia_s_rise_how_and_when.html) would say otherwise...

    Number 41 is correct. Anyone who doubts that globalization is a lowering of American standard of living is a damned fool. The people who say otherwise do so because it hasn't hit them yet, but it will eventually. Some of you sound like you live in your parents basement and others sound like yuppie pricks. Just wait, it will happen to you, too!

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  • nmrrjw66
    Apr 14, 12:53 PM
    Holy crap! You know these things are going on but to read the details is nauseating.

    America is getting bent over and the dummies in the Tea Party are championing for their own destruction. Here is a link to the story about the Real Housewives of Wall Street.


    I strongly recommend people do whatever they can to watch the Documentary Inside Job.


    It's red face enraging to see how much money was pocketed by rich *******s in this country while working americans were losing their homes.

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  • steviem
    May 6, 07:24 AM
    I can see this happening. I think it's a very clever move for Apple as they will be going away from commodity chips, will have more control over their chip design, will have better power consumption - which is a big thing with their environmentalism push, they will potentially be able to merge iOS and OSX.

    I don't see this as a bad thing and to those saying they won't buy another iMac - that could be true, the Mac may no longer be a brand anymore in 2013.

    Apple only went with intel because IBM was never going to be able to make a G5 laptop chip. Why are people so closed minded when it comes to change?

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  • killr_b
    Aug 7, 03:27 PM
    Nice!!! Most likely you made a wise decision to purchase your addional RAM and HD from a third party. Apple requires arms and legs for their optional upgrades. ;)

    I like it to show up ready to go.

    Plus, I know for sure the apple chosen ram will be flawless...
    This is a rev. A. ;)

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  • Peace
    Sep 11, 04:13 PM
    iLounge.com will be providing coverage also.

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  • bad03xtreme
    Mar 28, 10:54 AM
    If there is no new iphone in June/July I am getting a Thunderbolt.

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  • B.winkle
    Apr 10, 10:53 AM
    Answer is 2. I'm right and you're wrong. So there! ;.) I sleep with a math teacher!!!

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  • iMacZealot
    Jul 31, 03:38 AM

    strings "iPod Updater 2006-06-28.exe" | grep -i FEATURE
    t_feature_app_BRING BACK THE NEWTON_APP
    t_feature_app_VIDEO_APP <---VIDEO CHAT WITH SKYPE???? WOOO HOO
    t_feature_app_PHONE_APP <---------IT MUST MEAN AN iPHONE (HA HA HA)
    t_feature_LYRICS <----------KARAOKE FEATURE?
    t_feature_TIMEBOMB <---------CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!!!!

    I'm just as amazed as the rest of you!

    See you on the 7th!

    Wow. That must've wasted a ton of your time.

    I don't believe this rumour to be honest, but it's fun to spectulate.

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  • huntson
    May 4, 05:43 PM
    Old news. I knew this three weeks ago and I send an anonymous email to these idiots and of course they ignored it

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  • arnizzlewhizzle
    Jul 30, 07:59 PM
    i think cingular would be their best bet as a serious partner. their sim cards would be ideal for this.

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  • AppleAmerican
    Mar 29, 04:49 PM
    The cost for final assembly is minor.

    For example, the cost to make an iPhone may be 200 dollars. It probably costs $1 for the final assembly (or by your calculation, $7 if the assembly is done in US). However, if you manufacture all the parts in US, it will cost $1400.

    A major portion of these components were American made. In 2000, American EXPORTED more high tech components than it imported. Here is the .gov source (http://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/balance/c0007.html#2000). How did you come up with $1400, my figures are fact based. Assembly is certainly more than $1 per unit. Typically assembly is a large portion of manufacturing costs. We competed and still can today.

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  • ftaok
    Apr 25, 11:13 AM
    For the record, I don't see what the big deal is ... however, this could all just go away if Apple were to disclose the nature of the db file and what it's used for. As long as the explanation is benign and plausible, I'd think everyone would be satisfied ... except for the folks that are just looking to disagree.

    Anyways, unless there's a strategic or proprietary reason not to disclose the nature of the file, then they should just come out and explain.

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  • kxbcvoi
    Mar 27, 10:03 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    iPad 3 not in 2011 for 3 reasons
    1. iPad 2 still do not reach other countries.
    2. Software update will make iPad 2 new during half cycle.
    3. Jobs said "2011 is the year of iPad 2".

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  • wclyffe
    Nov 18, 04:28 PM
    yes very true, I think i might stick with BLT as well, hard to beat 85 dollars...lol, especially since i just learned that the new Magellan Car Kit will cost 129.99 :eek: and here we all were complaining about tomtom's pricing...lol. I will say, just as i have stated before though, that it is still enticing to go to my local apple store and pick up a unit. I guess it all depends on if I go on some spur of the moment trip..lol

    Yeah, I hear you. I hate waiting for orders to ship...I guess we get so use to items being in stock, and on their way the next day.

    Thought I'd post the Magellan car kit info for all to see:

    Magellan car kit detailed at FCC filing

    That was fast. We just learned Magellan was going to offer a car kit for the iPhone and it has already hit the FCC. GPSTracklog.com has a detailed drawing of the new device, and it looks to be quite complete. Magellan has said the kit will be on sale before the end of the year, and even give the iPod touch full nav capabilities.

    The car kit is supposed to allow any iPhone GPS app to work with it, so you're not limited to the Magellan app. It works in portrait or landscape mode, and has a speaker for hearing directions and also link to your iPhone for Bluetooth based calls.

    The Magellan Roadmate app itself [iTunes link] has a boatload of good features, and we're anxious to get our hands on the app for a full test. Holiday travelers will have a lot of good choices for navigating to your destinations. Remember when we thought the plain old Google Maps app was cool?

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  • Don't panic
    May 3, 10:06 PM
    that example is based on an impossible scenario (according to the rest of the rules) because the hero has more HP than AP while the max for both should be the level
    it still illustrate the mechanics, but it does introduce confusion. that's why i had dropped it in my re-write. the second example is clearer

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  • Daveoc64
    May 4, 02:44 PM
    While I think Apple should make Mac OS X available as a download, I'd rather that it was done as a .iso that customers could burn to a DVD.

    I don't like the idea of having to install Snow Leopard first before installing Lion in the event of needing to restore.

    Putting it on the Mac App Store raises an interesting issue about licencing - they said that purchases could be used on any Mac that you use.

    That opens them up to a lot of abuse.

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  • teme
    Aug 11, 09:24 AM
    Correct me if I am wrong, but it was my understanding that Yonah and Merom were being priced identically (at same clock speed) by Intel.

    Yes, but after the Merom release the prices of Yonah will be cheaper.

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  • muffinss
    May 6, 01:34 AM
    I wouldn't be shocked if Apple did.. They do have a history of doing this. They have changed CPU type's three times now. Motorola, IBM, and now x86. Consumer out rage didn't stop them. Apple will do what Apple wants to do. Plus Apple has been slowly moving away from being a traditional computer manufacture to being a mobile device manufacture. Ever since the iPod, Apple has been slowly moving away..They're starting to care more about mobile devices and energy efficiency than they do raw power like they use to.

    Pretty much all their mobile devices run off of ARM, its only natural to wanting all of their devices, computers included, to run off of the same processor type. I wouldn't be shocked if they already have a computer with an ARM processor running off of full blown OS X liked they had OS X running off of x86 for all those years before they released it..

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  • w_parietti22
    Jul 30, 01:16 AM
    Please dont call it an "iPhone" that is so... no. if it was called iPhone I dont think that I would buy it. if it was MacPhone Pro or something like that than maybe... ;). No but please dont name it either of those. Come up with something new and original.

    Jul 22, 07:42 AM

    I don't want to see laptop updates, which seems to me to be the most reported thing on Macrumors right now. Bring on the iMac!!!

    Don't forget the Mac Mini :D

    Chupa Chupa
    Mar 28, 10:05 AM
    If the iPhone 5 is just a 3GS like upgrade then there really won't be all that much to talk about which is why the main attraction will be the software. That doesn't mean there won't be any hardware updates.

    Sure, but the "delay" could be that iOS 5 isn't ready yet and Apple isn't going to launch iPhone 5 w/o a full iOS update. Quite possible iOS5 engineers were temp. xfered to OS X 10.7 at this final stage to ensure it makes out the door on time and w/ fewest glitches possible. Once 10.7 goes GM iOS5 development will go back to normal speed.

    Apr 18, 04:15 PM
    Just because I stick a Ford logo on the hood doesn't mean I can make my new Mustang look like a Porsche Carrera clone.

    On that subject, auto companies do this within their own brands. Ford will make a Lincoln and a Mercury that is the same as a Ford model but with a different name on it.

    I never understood that about the auto industry. If you buy up competition and keep the name around instead of folding the acquisition into the one brand, then do something unique with each brand. Ford/Lincoln/Mercury for instance should divide up product lines between brands. Ford could be brand name of the truck line while the other two are brand names for luxury and compact cars for instance. But the experts will say this is silly. LOL

    Nov 26, 11:08 AM
    An Apple iTablet would be a cool computer- bring it on Apple! :D :) :cool:

    Apr 20, 01:37 AM
    I hope they call it the iPhone 4S or something like that instead of iPhone 5