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  • heyisti
    Sep 12, 05:47 PM
    And link to the pic and wall?

    Pic >> link (
    Wall >> link (

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  • MallCop
    Mar 10, 08:57 AM
    Anyone going to the Rockaway mall and which model are you getting? I'm getting the att 64gb 3G.

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  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 11, 03:25 PM
    FCP is dieing. It lags well behind the other software and the killing of the xServer just adds more to it.
    Killing off the Xserver will only cause a tiny ripple in the sea of 1.5 million registered FCP users, IMO. The low and medium ends of the market, where FCP dominates, don't need, and can't afford, enterprise level gear like that. And for companies that do need large amounts of fast storage to be shared between a number of bays there are non-Apple alternatives. I'm not saying that there are not companies that went "Oh, ***" when they heard the news I'm just saying I think those companies make up a very small segment of FCP users.

    Wasn't Final Cut Server based on the technology used in xServer?
    Final Cut Server is asset management software (formerly known as Art Box and developed by Proximity Group) designed to be used over a network. Unlike the name implies it has nothing to do with server hardware.


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  • Number 41
    Apr 25, 07:36 AM
    10 months later I really think people should wait a couple of months and buy the iPhone 5 in white... Maybe the improvements aren't big but it still is a new gen...

    On the other hand, if you need a new phone and buy now (vs. waiting until Sept.) it gives you a 4-5 month head-start on getting your 2-year contract finished.

    That's 4-5 months sooner you can get an iPhone 6, hopefully with real improvements (LTE, NFC, a durable form factor), instead of being stuck with a marginal speed bump and nothing more.


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  • meepm00pmeep
    Oct 22, 04:10 PM
    At the risk of sounding rude, this is exactly the type of thinking that makes those of us who make our living as designers squirm in our chairs. The concept of a user being able to resize elements that we have sized for a particular reason is awful. Yes, of couse there are many poorly designed webpages out there, but that doesn't mean users should have the ability to alter the appearance and layout of any page they want. If a page is designed poorly, write to the webmaster and let him/her know why you think it's poor and how they might fix it. Toying with people's designs is opening a terrible can of worms. Let qualified, educated designers build web pages, and let users view them and critique them if necessary, but don't blur the line. We've all seen what happens when you allow that line to blur (ahem... MySpace!)


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    Apr 11, 03:14 PM
    I wish! 185k Brazilian. 118k USD.

    I was just kidding though. If I ever had 120k to spend on a car, it wouldn't be a Chevrolet, I guarantee that. :D

    Am I missing something? You can get a new one for like 23k


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  • untypoed
    Apr 1, 04:50 PM
    The Post Your Mac Set-up thread has all the links to the previous threads.. How about we do the same for here? Just incase you want it. It's interesting to see the desktops throughout the years. I'm such a geek.

    Feb 2002 (
    March 2002 (
    April 2002 (
    April 2002 - May 2002 (
    June 2002 (
    July 2002 (
    August 2002 (
    September 2002 (
    October 2002 (
    Late November 2002/ early December 2002 (
    January 2003 (
    February 2003 (
    December 2002/January 2003 (
    April 2003 (
    May 2003 (
    June 2003 (
    July 2003 (
    August 2003 (
    September 2003 (
    October 2003 (
    November 2003 (
    January 2004 (
    April 2004 (
    May 2004 (
    June 2004 (
    July 2004 (
    August 2004 (
    September 2004 (
    October 2004 (
    November 2004 (
    December 2004 (
    January 2005 (
    February 2005 (
    March 2005 (
    April 2005 (
    May 2005 (
    June 2005 (
    July 2005 (
    August 2005 (
    September 2005 (
    October 2005 (
    November 2005 (
    December 2005 (
    January 2006 (
    February 2006 (
    March 2006 (
    April 2006 (
    May 2006 (
    June 2006 (
    July 2006 (
    August 2006 (
    September 2006 (
    October 2006 (
    November 2006 (
    December 2006 (
    January 2007 (
    February 2007 (
    March 2007 (
    April 2007 (
    May 2007 (
    June 2007 (
    July 2007 (
    August 2007 (
    September 2007 (
    October 2007 (
    November 2007 (
    December 2007 (
    January 2008 (
    February 2008 (
    March 2008 (
    April 2008 (
    May 2008 (
    June 2008 (
    July 2008 (
    August 2008 (
    September 2008 (
    October 2008 (
    November 2008 (
    December 2008 (
    January 2009 (
    February 2009 (
    March 2009 (
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    May 2009 (
    June 2009 (
    July 2009 (
    August 2009 (
    September 2009 (
    October 2009 (
    November 2009 (
    December 2009 (
    January 2010 (
    February 2010 (
    March 2010 (
    April 2010 (
    May 2010 (
    June 2010 (
    July 2010 (
    August 2010 (
    September 2010 (
    October 2010 (
    November 2010 (
    December 2010 (
    January 2011 (
    February 2011 (
    March 2011 (

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  • jessica.
    Dec 24, 10:26 PM
    Typical salesman crap. Just have to keep it in the freezer for 15 hours and churn the ice cream for 20-25 minutes and it will be ready. If not, it will take a few more minutes( often happens when I make Irish Cream ice cream as the alcohol lowers the freezing temp of the ice cream). But, it stays frozen plenty long enough for the ice cream to firm up.

    Sorry for the hijack here but I bought it when he tried to sell me on something less money. Maybe it was him pushing the other brand. :o


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  • cmvsm
    Apr 28, 07:31 PM
    Apple should really diversify their suppliers anyway, which is what they look like they are doing. Cut Samsung supply by 50%, and threaten all of it if they don't get their act together. Surely Samsung doesn't think that that they can bring in this kind of revenue on their own merit. Outside of LCD televisions, Samsung has an image problem, and even that has only improved in the last few years.

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  • spyderracer393
    Oct 19, 05:58 AM
    I'll be there!


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  • SpanishUser
    Oct 6, 11:12 AM
    I did, in fact, mean using JavaScript on page load to disable the user from changing the size of the textarea, not within my browser. It's like using CSS to disable the dotted border Firefox puts around links when they are active.

    Form elements, and the divs that contain them, often need either fixed widths or have widths that are proportional to their containers.

    Take Google ( Depending on how the layout is set up (this is just hypothetical), resizing the search box would push those three links next to it off into oblivion if they were all in a div that was fixed or proportional to the page width. It doesn't matter if Safari "dynamically redraws the page" since the div would still be calculated to be the same. Worse yet, depending on its overflow attribute, they could be pushed onto a new line.

    I'd really not like to see Safari become the next IE 5. It already has its share of JavaScript bugs. This would just mean us designers would have to spend that much more time envisioning what would happen if a user resized every form element on every page and incorporating it into our layouts. This is why I hope there's a way to disable it outright.

    I hope you remember the user CSS take precedence, the user can choose a minimum font size and run an extension like nonscript to firefox so by default
    no javascript would run.

    The Web is based in that is the reader the one that decide how a page would look if you do not like that begin to design magazines or book.

    Note: the noscript funcinality is something I would like to see added to safari.

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  • Chundles
    Sep 24, 07:48 PM
    And, by the way, thank you so much for making me think of my parents having sex.

    No worries, although - you actually have to conjure up the image in your mind.

    I walked in on mine.


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  • mmmcheese
    Jul 26, 07:22 PM
    Since more people have Intel based Macs, than Macs with Blu-ray burners built in, it would be nice if maybe they prioritized on a Universal version instead...

    beaches in goa girls. Beaches In Goa Girls. Goa Beach Girls: 000012CP; Goa Beach Girls: 000012CP. drenline. Apr 5, 06:46 PM. Old cydia app DisplayOut gets the job done also.
  • Beaches In Goa Girls. Goa Beach Girls: 000012CP; Goa Beach Girls: 000012CP. drenline. Apr 5, 06:46 PM. Old cydia app DisplayOut gets the job done also.

  • Edking4
    Apr 4, 09:30 AM
    Is now available in four colors as of this morning. Just a fyi.....picked up the blue.


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  • LarzStarz
    Mar 30, 08:16 PM
    Spam, do not click.

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  • EddyP
    Mar 26, 10:24 PM
    I have no sympathy for who bought that.

    And I think the seller deserves a swift kick in the nuts for being a douche.


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  • Full of Win
    Apr 25, 01:06 AM
    I was beginning to worry about you. Your recent posts were not annoying in the least. Glad to see you're still you. :)
    Reason it isn't a disgrace: The white enclosure apparently was causing trouble with the camera due to light leakage. You would most likely be calling that disgraceful if they had indeed released a 500$ phone with that rather huge flaw, so I guess they can't win.

    I know the reason, or the supposed reason (who knows, Apple has been as tight lipped as ever on the issue) . If true, its a disgrace it made it to the keynote presentation, without the issue being identified or a reasonable fix found. I don't care how you square it - being 10 months late for a device who has an average life of 12 months is utter incompetence and hence disgraceful.

    Hats off for Apple sticking to it, but that does not take away from the fact that they should never have made the promise w/o a better understanding of production issues. The iPhone 4 design has been around since at least January per spy shots of the iPad before release. So, its not as if the design was so new that they could claim there was no time to identify the issue until after the June 2010 keynote by Steve Jobs.

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  • tdbaws
    Mar 6, 11:32 PM
    thanks alot man. i appreciate that.

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  • WillEH
    Mar 28, 02:28 PM
    LOL it amazes me how little you guys know about the law. Please report me to the authorities, there is absolutely nothing they can. I even discussed it with my professor who monitored my bar and he got a kick out of it as well haha.

    So please, humor me that I'm not a real law student and don't know what I'm talking about. Sorry Apple geeks your area of expertise obviously isn't the political discourse of America. :P

    Try my other theories too, like entering my home, etc. Seriously, just humor me. (more so than I already am) LOL

    <3 little idiots <3

    Dam keyboard lawyer kids, he got us again!

    Feb 22, 06:00 PM
    Guys, my sources say it's true.

    Apr 26, 03:55 AM
    Here's a weird one for ya.

    So, this started only happening a few days ago. Sometimes when I'm in an application and it, for no apparent reason, freezes itself and everything else in OS X. I cannot click any menus, any other applications or type anywhere (let alone make a field active to type in). My mouse still works fine (can move it around - but when I hover over the dock, nothing happens - it should magnify and obviously display application names).

    I can use the Opt-Cmd-Esc trick to force quit the application, at which stage I think the problem is resolved as I can click into applications. The problems start (again?) when I try and type once selecting somewhere to type. I press keys and nothing is output to the field, as if I'm not typing at all.

    This is an issue with OS X, as obviously I can do the Opt-Cmd-Esc thing and also change sound volume and brightness etc - the keyboard itself is fine. I end up having to restart the computer in order to regain use of regular typing.

    Numerous Google searches does not bring up much that I can really go with.

    What I can 'narrow' it down to, is the issue seems to occur when, or very soon after, I save a document. It's happened in both Coda and just now, Photoshop CS5. This leads me to think it may have something to do with my newly partitioned external HDD (insane, right?). Just after I partitioned it to make a separate volume for my MBP to use Time Machine (via sharing), the first occurrence happened. I see no reason logically for this to be the cause, however. It is noteworthy though.

    I will eventually just unplug my external HDD and see if it happens anymore. Figured I'd post here first to see if anyone knows the answer.

    Thanks for reading!

    Edit: // this seems to be exactly what is happening for me, and is related to USB media, however I am not trying to save to it, but it is present in my system.

    Apr 7, 02:52 PM
    I am all against this nostalgia gaming. U have so many great games available on the ipad or iphone that utilise their potencial, why would u wanr to play games that have 12 pixels running around? I think it has more to do with people remembering the "good old times" when they havent had all that depression, fear and insecurity going on.

    GET OFF MY LAWN!!! you young whipper snapper! ;)

    Sep 27, 12:28 PM
    u certainly had time to post a message on this board though

    Oct 5, 10:03 PM
    i agree 100%. "dynamically redraw the page"? based on WHAT?

    This is my first post. It takes a lot for me to stop being a lurker, but the idea that any user can resize a textarea on a site I design, dynamically redrawing the page, is among the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. This will break valid page layouts in new and unheard of ways. Designers make form elements a size and shape for a reason.

    I look forward to finding a way using JavaScript to disable that feature the day that browser is released.