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  • kainjow
    Apr 27, 11:31 PM
    Don't think iTunes can do this, but if the audio files aren't encrypted, you can use VLC to play them and disable the video via Video > Video Track > Disable.

    girl quotes about beauty. girl quotes about eauty
  • girl quotes about eauty

  • ezekielrage_99
    Mar 20, 09:18 PM
    You mentioned the magic word "Company Start", I have a rule of no work of friends of friends and anyone who mentions the "startup" in the breif.

    True email...


    That is blatant false advetrsing!!!

    Why would I pay for a PAY for a service that is clearly free? Freelance implies the service is free, otherwise why would they call it freelance?

    I hate dealing with another wanky designers who completely misleads the client.

    Can't argue with the logic :rolleyes:

    Yes you are certainly charging way too little. My basic sites start at $500 and go up from there depending on what the client wants. Usually I charge it by the job and in some cases, there will be add on's and I usually charge $50-$75 per hour for that work. I have a few NPO's and for them I start my quotes to them at $300 for the job.

    From the sounds of this guy you're dealing with, I would just move on and forget him. Finish whatever you've started and end it there.

    You charge peanuts you get greedy monkey IMHO. Pushing the price ups generally discourages the crappy clients in my experience, clients will generally pay what they think the service is worth (not just design here).

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  • TonySwartz
    Nov 20, 12:20 PM
    Look at Shaw's other "rumors"...

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  • gmidgley
    Oct 26, 03:32 AM
    I wouldn't expect them to, they are a supplier of apple products and not an apple store, why not head to birmingham or solihull, its only 60 mins away!



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  • Jalexster
    Feb 14, 05:02 PM
    Something that has occoured to me, is there is a missing feature on this forum. It's a feature that I have only ever seen on GameFAQs, but have never seen anywhere else.

    The marking system. Basically, each post has a button on it, that when you click it, you go to a page where you can "mark" a message, You can mark it for spamming, flaming, etc... There is a variety of options. Anyway, once you have marked it, it goes into a todo list for the mods. They can then review this message, and remove it or change it.

    Basically, it allows people to easily inform the mods if there is a bad post. Currently, you have to PM the mods. This makes it easier. Oh, and if you abuse the system, you get punished.

    Anouther feature from GameFAQs, is the Karma system, which ties in with the mod system. Basically, when you get moderated, you loose Karma. And you gain one Karma per day, as long as you have at least one active post.

    I suppose I've only seen these features at GameFAQs, because it is the scurge of all earth. And I love it.

    MacRumors in the most friendly fourm on the internet, but GameFAQs has a wide variety of topics. It's the birthplace of many interesting things. Like the unholy trinity... Don't ask.

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  • munkle
    Nov 6, 11:14 AM
    i just installed it and then i read this which scares me...

    anyone else have this problem?

    I've installed two or three versions of Sidetrack on my Powerbook now and have been using Sidetrack for about a year and have never had a singele problem. It's been such a staple that it's irritating when I use another laptop, much like Quicksilver - heck I even try to open Quicksilver using Quicksilver when I have to restart it! :p - so give it a go. I'm sorry to hear that another user had problems but it's been nothing less than perfect for me and the hot corners are great! :)


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  • iMJustAGuy
    Jan 16, 10:53 AM
    I love MacRumors. It's clean, simple, and very easy to use. That being said, I would really like to see some kind of UI enhancement with the same functions/features and also maintaining it's cleanliness and simplicity.

    Thoughts or ideas?

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  • skunk
    Mar 3, 05:31 PM
    To level the playing field, you definitely need to raise taxes predominantly on the rich. If the chart 5P showed about the declared percentages earned and paid in taxes is correct, then I would assume without any doubt that the super rich were paying a great deal less, percentage-wise, than any other taxpayer, since they can afford to use expensive tax accountants - the same tax accountants who advise the Revenue, of course - to help them avoid large chunks of tax due. If their true "earnings" were equitably taxed, they would be paying a far larger percentage of total income tax than they do.


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  • Moyank24
    Apr 15, 03:08 AM
    People didn't seem to care about the "gay plague" because it only affected gays. People cared about Ryan White and the Ray brothers, they didn't care about iniquitous obnoxious gays and lesbians.

    So then they had sex with the person of opposite gender, they adopted or test tube baby.

    I have no interest in destroying you, I have no interest in harming you. You imply I want to physically hurt homosexuals, but I do not.

    iniquitous obnoxious gays and lesbians?

    I'm assuming that you are talking about ACT UP and their tactics...but iniquitous? Really? A bit dramatic even for you. They did what had to be done in a time when nobody wanted to acknowledge what was happening. And they also tried to fight the ignorance that was associated with the disease..IE..."gay plague". You are evidence that they need to continue their work.

    Is a "test tube baby" (I do hope you know there are much more modern ways) by a gay/lesbian any less than that of a straight person? Does it matter how we are having them? The point is that we are. And snide remarks doesn't negate it. I understand that the concept is scary for you and people who think like you. I do hope that you can learn to adapt to our changing world. Because people like you are going to be left behind if you keep thinking and acting this way.

    And you may have no interest in physically hurting homosexuals, but you don't seem to care about the emotional aspect. Do you not realize that your words in this thread and other threads on this forum are offensive and hurtful? Every ignorant, dismissive, and baseless statement you make here is harmful. I'm sure you don't think so, and you will never admit that you are wrong. But you are. And to think you are doing it in the name of religion. Talk about iniquitous.

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  • alphaone
    Feb 12, 03:13 PM
    if you're building a PC, we'd love to know which parts you're going with, over clocking, etc. if you get a MBP, we want to know what kind of PPD your getting

    I'll keep you updated. Currently I'm working on getting my 10 WU's in under my passkey (at 7 right now) and after that I'll shift the i7 iMac over to -bigadv to take advantage of the pts bonuses and then we'll see what it can really do. Hopefully some big PPD. I'm folding under the name 206pilot.


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  • JAT
    Apr 13, 11:59 AM
    does apple really want to become that predictable with annual product updates at given events?
    I think they invented that.

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  • THX1139
    Mar 21, 02:02 AM
    You went back to school and you didn't learn how to bill or control a client? Your very first mistake was booking a $75 job with a 3 hour time limit. If that is all someone can afford, then don't work for them. In my experience, the cheaper they are, the more demanding they usually are. Your second mistake was giving the power to your client and not billing him for phone time. You didn't manage the job and you paid the price. I bet you didn't even have a signed contract. :eek:


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  • cootersgarage6
    Feb 6, 01:06 PM
    In the new Mac Mini I am expecting to see an intel i3 chip, the same RAM, and a little more GHz speed. I also except it to stay the same size, because it will still need to fit DVD's and CD's... if we still even use them.. Lol.

    What are you expecting to see, and when?

    girl quotes about beauty. Girl Quotes About Beauty. I#39;m a Nikon girl. I#39;m a Nikon girl. pgasnier. Jul 2, 08:17 PM. Trying to jailbreak my 3GS for hours and no sucess .
  • Girl Quotes About Beauty. I#39;m a Nikon girl. I#39;m a Nikon girl. pgasnier. Jul 2, 08:17 PM. Trying to jailbreak my 3GS for hours and no sucess .

  • Porchland
    Apr 4, 11:00 AM
    Simple solution: Financial Times should put out a browser version of the publication that is optimized for viewing on an iPad and simply require the same login that is does now for its web version.

    I don't pay extra for the iPad version of on my iPad, so I use the web version instead (and it's not even optimized for iPad the way the mobile version is optimized for iPhone). I don't get the benefit of the snazzier iPad app, but I'm also not paying for it.

    Apple created the iOS platform and allows third parties to develop apps for it as long as you play by Apple's rules. If you don't like Apple's rules, optimize your product to run as a web page for iPhone/iPad or just rely on the web version you have now.

    Frankly, I wish more publications would do that: I would be fine to read web-based, iPad-optized versions of the New Yorker, New York Times, Newsweek, etc., if the subscription prices are cheaper than an iPad version and it means the publisher actually makes a web-based subscription available, even if it means I'm giving up some UI coolness, better graphics, etc., but not getting the iPad version.

    The market works just fine.


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  • Melrose
    Dec 8, 05:58 PM
    Lately I've been going for audio equipment. :)

    I don't have the original to link to but you can get it on the AKG website.

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  • SirStrumalot
    May 1, 02:05 AM
    Is there a way to save the voicemail files from my iPhone 4?


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  • GGJstudios
    Oct 20, 10:45 AM
    Hey guys, i just past 250 posts and do not know where to find the Market place, can anyone help me out?


    It doesn't happen instantly. Give it a little while.

    Marketplace (

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  • Prof.
    Oct 2, 07:30 PM
    Better men make a better world

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  • Kenrik
    Nov 12, 01:47 PM
    I used to use FCP I found it to be overly complicated to do simple tasks. I manly focus on print design so I have not used it for several years.

    Recently I have had to make several projects and I found that Premier CS5 was actually a very strong video editing package. It runs smooth, has a clean Adobe interface and everything worked out great.

    While I like CS5, I absolutely hate Adobe due to their ultra crappy Indian based tech support. If you buy $10,000 worth of software from a company you don't expect them to charge you $39 just to talk to a person who is getting paid $1 per hour to read a script.

    Apr 14, 10:54 AM
    You know, leekohler, I'd find this crusade you have to get respect for gay rights a lot more persuasive if you didn't make snide and deriding comments about republicans and Christians on a regular basis.

    Seeing someone so passionate about respect yet so blatantly not exhibiting it himself towards other groups undermines this position so badly I am actually going to ask you to stop one of the two. Please stop either

    May 2, 04:32 PM
    Those macrumors members either have really big biceps or really small hands. ;)

    It's all perspective. The biceps are closer to the camera than the hands. This is why, when taking pictures of fish, you always extend your arms toward the camera.

    Dec 10, 03:42 PM
    classic :cool:


    How'd you do the dock like that? I've never messed with my icons or dock before but I like how nice and clean that looks.

    Aug 12, 12:59 PM
    Here the two I've added to my rotation in August. I have a total of five that rotate every minute; the other three can be found in the July desktop thread.

    Link please!! Yes, I am a huge Ferrari fanboy :D

    Nov 20, 01:05 PM
    artist rendition?

    okay i'll stop